Monday, 25 October 2010

Dear Glee gods (Part III)

*If I sound naive and innocent and just generally clueless it's because there's been no TTTM for me yet, I'm saving myself for Tuesday night

Thank you so so much for having Emma sing Touch-a Touch-a with Will and not Carl ... at least I do hope Carl is not there too. But I don't think he can be because I doubt it would get past the censors ...

Glee gods you are the greatest and I am so happy that you are out there listening to these prayers I think you may even be greater and more powerful than Grilled Cheesus, so I am going to ask you for something monumentally big but I only do so because I know it is within your power to grant this wish! Please please could you give us the gift of some dear sweet Wemma babies? Or at least show us some sign that we are right to continue having faith in the power of Wemma and that one day the miracle of Wemma babies will become a reality.

Cool! And while you're at it could you make sure Emma wears these clothes? Awesome, thanks xx

So this was made with the greatest admiration and respect for the talent that is Lou Eyrich, I just think it never hurts to give the Universe a nudge and if it would be ok by Lou I would really really like it for Emma to wear this outfit!!! See how happy Emma looks in the Coco ruffle blouse - it just looks like it was made for her! And this pencil skirt with chain detail - she needs to wear it ok? Thank you that's all :)

Oh and this selection of Milly tops

Well the middle outfit for sure because the Olivia sweater is all kinds of fabulous. Maybe not the one on the right with the almost neon pink, I don't know if Emma would like that, unless she's ya know experimenting. And I'm not sure Emma likes my styling of the polka dot blouse - I probably should have gone with a yellow pencil skirt. Sorry Emma! It's just when I'm dressing paper doll you sometimes I have to go with what fits, not exactly what you'd choose okay? The blouse still looks awesome on you :)

But these ones, well I love them all and I think Emma should get to wear them.

Especially the black and white sweater, Emma should definitely get to wear that one.

Oh look it's Tuesday already here ;)

life lesson : never buy plane tickets when half asleep
oh and delayed gratification really sucks too

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