Sunday, 24 October 2010

Adventures of a glee-ful fashionista

There is a Grilled Cheesus! I know because he brought Kate Spade to London for me! Yay! Not only has he delivered a pop up shop in Covent Garden for one month but next spring we will receive the gift of a permanent Kate Spade shop! Hallelujah!
And it's so pretty! They've made an amazing job of setting up this temporary store to display all the clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery to perfection. It's dressed as a house with living rooms and a bedroom with adorable quirky and colourful reclaimed and vintage-inspired furniture and decor, just as you'd expect from Kate Spade. And, yes, I could quite easily have moved in if they'd let me :)

Instead I fell in love with some polka dot tights, barely managed to escape the lure of the gorgeous red essentials ela coat, seduced as I was by the polka dot lining, and became intoxicated by the scent of the Twirl perfume. I admired the jewellery providing encouragement (whilst not appearing too desperate) for my mama to buy the crystal confections necklace and matching earrings which I get to share! Yay!

We had a fabulous time looking around. And I loved all the things they brought - including but not limited to the gorgeous bright handbags, the birdcage necklace, the lady marmalade bracelet, the all wrapped up bangle, the sparkly gold carly shoes and silver cassie shoes, the broome street gloves, mercury erika dress and the must love dots robbie dress *sigh*. But they couldn't bring everything which I understand (I really don't) so I only have one very minor query for them - why no pretty peacock brooch for us in London lovely Kate Spade people?

And the rest of the day I was perfectly entertained by carrying around the pretty packages and admiring them :) So here are some gratuitous packaging pics

*it's late, the light's bad  but I couldn't wait till morning to take photos

The way I see it our purchases were a great economy drive as I'm saving on buying a handbag - I'll be using the Kate Spade bags for the rest of the season (not kidding).

We had such a fun time and I have the funny photobooth photos to prove it. Go and see the shop while it's in London if you can - and buy something! We need to make sure they come back.

p.s. Dear Grilled Cheesus, so you're like a genie right? I get three wishes, isn't that how it works? So for my second wish, I'd like a Milly NY store in London. Could you sort that? Awesome! My third wish, um, I need some time to think ok? Cool! It was good talking with you xxx

Today's motto: Life's short, buy stuff

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