Thursday, 21 October 2010

Confessions of a gleekie mind

If I bought clothes and sent them to Lou Eyrich is there any chance she'd use them in a million years even if she thought they were perfect for Emma? Or would she just wonder what on earth the little miss crazy pants sending them to her was even thinking? You know when she clearly has access to more clothes than God ... or Anna Wintour.

Could I even buy clothes small enough for Jayma in this country? She can't be any bigger than a size zero and we don't even get that many UK size 4 here. When I was like a UK 2 I couldn't even buy clothes to fit - do they only sell clothes that small in Hollywood?

I'm crazy pleased to have it confirmed that Emma sews. I've always liked to think of her doing neat little craft projects and needlework but it's so good to know it's true. I wanna go sew me some replica Milly clothes that I can't actually afford now.

So I hear there's going to be a new fragrance and I'm sure it'll sell well but what exactly does sad clown hooker smell like?

Um, yes , so last night I couldn't sleep, I was up making Wemma babies - ya like literally, ok well photos of Wemma babies. But how come they didn't come out so cute? We all know they would be off the scale cute right??? I need to go make some more.

So Cheyenne nearly was Will Schuester instead of MM?? I don't even wanna try and imagine that - I mean sure he's a hottie when he's not channeling evil show choir director but still without Matty there wouldn't be Wemma and without Wemma where would we be?? Oh Carma *?@$

Ok so since watching too much commonwealth games coverage I kinda maybe sorta have a little crush on Mark Foster - he has curly hair, amazing abs and wears cardigans .... hmmm?

So this last week has been kinda crappy ... for real reasons but still how can you expect to feel good if you don't wear good clothes? I think I'm gonna take up the no pants challenge ... uh-huh seriously I mean it, I think it's the perfect commitment to wearing clothes that make you feel good and have a positive effect on your life. Sadly I shan't be wearing Emma's clothes because 1) I don't own them and 2) they wouldn't suit me nearly so well as Kathleen on whom they look gorgeous ... yep if I'm choosing a tv character on whose wardrobe to base my own it's going to be Betty Draper because when I wear Mad Men-esque clothes I feel awesome* which is ironic because from the little I've seen of Mad Men she always seems to feel bad.

* yeah I wanted to misquote Brittany there and say 'I look awesome, I'm sure you look awesome too :)'

I know it may sound like I'm joking but I 100% seriously wanna convince Ryan Murphy to make The Emma Pillsbury Show. I think you've gotta dream big.

So I'm really pretty pleased with myself to have two Rachel matches with Lou Eyrich and one for Emma this season. But I'm slightly troubled that so far I'm better at picking Rachel clothes ... because Emma's my fashion icon.

Also I'd love to claim that picking the Milly poodle sweater took some great skill but the truth is if you look at the Milly collection this season and particularly the styling it's so Rachel that it was pretty obvious. Go watch the fashion show ... I have ... several times but then I'm obsessed. Plus I really want to know - how come no coloured tights with this outfit Miss Berry? Are they just too fashionable for you right now?

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