Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Emma Pillsbury Show

Warning: contains polyvore sets with stories, you really should click through to read them :)

Ok so this is something I've mentioned before but it's also something I truly believe in so I'm going to say it again - Emma really should have her own spin off series. So I'm thinking if they can make Private Practice and I mean if they could make Joey then they can make the Emma Pillsbury Show. Ok maybe I shouldn't have mentioned Joey, that's probably every tv execs greatest fear when making a spin-off. Let's pretend I didn't mention Joey. But let's think about it - we would get so much more Emma screen time, there would be more Emma fashion to admire and we could get to see things from Emma's perspective with adorable Emma voiceovers - and if anyone needs any proof of how funny that could be they only need look at Teresa's awesome Making Up Emma series.

pic by Teresa

We'd also get a look at Emma's life outside school - it almost wouldn't matter to me what she was doing because basically I would be happy to watch Emma even if she was just shopping for Lysol if I could get a better look at her mary janes. But just imagine we could go shopping with her as she picks out her latest cardi clips or see the moment she finds her new IYB! And if I can't sell you on the shopping how about getting to see Emma's home and meeting her family!

And we would have so much more opportunity for Emma song and dance numbers. Because I know Emma must long to sing like Will and the glee kids! And Jayma does too! And I would just love to see it! Which is why I made this set for Halo/Walking on Sunshine set for Emma because I love the idea of her pretending to sing in to her hairbrush! The lyrics are of course courtesy of Teresa's niece!

And then we have all the possibilities of dream sequences which Melissa of Silly Bee's Chickadees has demonstrated so well with her story sets. She's given us a sweet and funny Wizard of Oz inspired fantasy where Emma dreams of visiting Cardi Clip City, riding a scooter and wearing bluebird cardi clips.

And for another dream sequence story, I had fun casting Emma in the role of Snow White in this Pillsbury-fied take on the fairy tale.

And then there is, as so perfectly illustrated by last weeks anasthesia induced Brittany/Britney fantsasies, the phenomenal potential of musical numbers combined with dream sequences!!! Something I long to see is Emma and Will singing Don't Stop Believing together, check out this set to see how I imagined it!

I also adore Melissa's Abba accompanied flash-mobbing scene in her Emma nursing Will through the chicken pox scenario. Emma + glee kids + dancing + music = totally watchable TV!!! Go read it and I know you'll be convinced!

To me Emma is a brilliant comic creation and totally deserving of her own showcase. I think there's so much potential it would be a shame if they didn't make this show! I've heard Ryan Murphy talk of spin off shows for Kristen Chenoweth and John Stamos (wha??? John Stamos of all people!!) but I believe he really  should be planning a spin off for one Miss Emma Pillsbury!! So how about convincing him? Join this facebook page. At least you'll let Emma know just how much we love her character!

Many many thanks to Melissa for letting me feature her beautiful sets and amazing story ideas!


Melissa at Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Thanks for including me! I love it!

Tea said...

Thank you Melissa! Your beautiful sets and stories have been a real treat and inspiration!