Thursday, 30 September 2010

Still desperately seeking Emma

... at Forever 21. Here's just a quick look at my picks for Emma-worthy clothes and accessories from this week's new arrivals.

I think all of these pieces have quite good Emma Pillsbury channeling potential but my favourites are the lilac cardigan with the chiffon ruffles and button detail, the camel cardi with ruffled neckline and bow-like ruffles down the front and the black lace cap sleeve top, which seems to me reminiscent in styling of the lovely Walter eyelet jacket. I can totally see Emma wearing any of these! The black lace trimmed cardi and floral sweater easily fit into Emma's wardrobe. The black sweater with geometric design is perhaps a slight departure but Emma likes a dramatic top and the beading detail is sweet. I think the green cardi with black ruffle trim would also suit Emma and could work well with this floral pencil skirt - a great inexpensive alternative to Emma's gorgeous J. Crew floral skirts. The choice of the metallic boucle skirt may be somewhat influenced by Emma's wearing her sparkly Precious Materials cardi in Britney/Brittany but now we now know Emma's not just happy to wear metallics on her feet I think it might be perfect for her.

More pretty things from Forever 21

More pretty things from Forever 21 by shinyprettythings featuring forever21 clutches

 There are lots more pretty bow earrings to choose from - you just have to decide between pearls or rhinestones, studs or drop earrings. My personal favourites are probably the pearl bow studs but it is so difficult to choose :) I adore the butterfly earrings and all the flowers!

While I was checking out clothes for Emma I couldn't resist picking some things that would be perfect for Rachel too. And something for Tina and Mercedes. And then I very nearly forgot to include them!!! Rachel items are marked with a gold star (of course!), my favourite pieces get two. And there are a couple more Emma-esque choices which are marked with a bow.

The black and white butterfly print top with an oversized bow on the shoulder is a perfect Rachel top. Pair it with a chambray skirt like this one and all you'll need is the crazy eyes to be mistaken for Rachel Berry's double. A duffle coat and a ruffled or plaid top are always great additions to a Rachel Berry wardrobe and the sailor skirt with waist tie is spot on for Rachel. The red military-style peacoat looks totally Emma-appropriate to me and the navy and red striped sweater marked with a bow seems like a great (and so much less expensive) version of Emma's Milly sweater worn for that scene in the teacher's lounge. The striped sweater marked with a gold star is so much more Rachel.

I just felt I should pick out some things  for the other cst members too - Tina would love the little victorian gothic top hat with veil and I thought Mercedes might like the letter sweater.

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