Thursday, 17 February 2011

So you still want to dress like Rachel Berry? Skirts

It's pretty simple, if you want to dress like Miss Berry, you will need skirts and they must be mini. That's the most important rule. Other than that you may choose plaid, polka dots, prints, stripes or denim.

So here we have a selection of Berry-esque skirts - there are kilts, flippy skirts, button-through skirts and skirts with bows. There are florals, diamond prints and dots. My favourites are the ones marked with gold stars - the plaid skirt with pockets, the stripe button-through skirt, the navy a-line tie-front mini with contrast piping, the floral button-through and star print button-through, the tangerine paperbag waist skirt, the yellow circle skirt with gold buttons and the navy diamond print skirt.

Of course there's always a multitude of minis suitable for Rachel at Forever 21. Here are just a few of them

And of course we shouldn't forget Rachel's other favourite store - Urban Outfitters.

Untitled by shinyprettythings featuring skirts from Urban Outfitters

The Cooperative printed skirts are at least very similar (if not identical in style) to the simple floral and bow print skirts Rachel wore in "Grilled Cheesus". I really like the Cooperative buttoned skirts too and the Kimchi Blue paperbag skirts, as well as the contrast-edged button-up skirts.

Just add a Rachel Berry worthy top or knitwear (also here) and you'll have yourself a Rachel outfit. To complete the look add coloured tights, knee socks, legwarmers or ankle socks (as you see fit). And loafers are the footwear of choice, of course.

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