Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Emma shops Etsy

Even though it's hard to imagine Emma putting on clothes that other people have previously worn (ick!) she must because we've seen her wear vintage pieces. Either she has great luck in finding unworn as new vintage items or she believes (as I do) that everything can at least be hand washed. I don't see her down at her neighbourhood thrift store or op shop trying on outfits though so she might as well buy online. And though I've previously barely noticed the clothes on Etsy getting sidetracked as I always have by jewellery and paper goods, it turns out it's just as much fun as hunting through any charity shop or flea market so I'm gonna share with you some of the finds that delighted me.

Vintage blouse with playing card suits $50
Emma would like the print, the colours, the pearl buttons, peter pan collar and the ribbon tie neck
1960s polka dot tie neck blouse $25
 I think I would love Emma would love this polka dot blouse. It's oh so perfect.

Vintage 60s green floral tie neck dress S $47
I can certainly see Emma in this tie neck dress with floral print top. I think she'd just add a yellow belt and her yellow PMJs, maybe a ladybug bracelet.

Vintage floral sweater vest $15
I wouldn't usually choose a v-neck for Emma but I like the florals on this and I think it could work for Emma over a blouse worn with sweater clips of course.

1980s wool plum ruffle skirt $38
She might like this pencil skirt with asymmetric ruffle too
Vintage paint swatches aline skirt $28
 And I can kinda see Emma in this skirt
1970s cobalt blue ruffle dress $42
I think Emma might give this dress some consideration - for the vibrant colour and ruffled neckline.
Vintage ruffled secretary blouse $20
This pretty pale pink vintage ruffled blouse is just the sort of top Lou Eyrich might pick up. Or this one with its pleats
Vintage blouse $12
Or this one with a lace collar
lace collar blouse $24
Or this one
Vintage lace detail blouse $23
Or this taupe one
Vintage blouse with bow $28
And how about this blouse with contrast sleeves and yoke
Polly pocket blouse $26
Or this floral blouse
Vintage floral blouse $21
Or this red and white polka dot bow blouse
70s blouse $15
And this dress for its sheer amazement value
Now I want nothing more than to be buying costumes for Mad Men *sigh*

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