Tuesday, 8 February 2011

How to dress with more certainty than talent

Oh, okay, um no ... not really. I just love that quote. And I get very very excited whenever I find an item of clothing that will stand in for one of Emma's hard to find pieces. This tulip sweater from Miss Selfridge is one such item. It's been a long time since we saw Emma in Acafellas in her scoopneck short-sleeved tulip print sweater cleaning her pot plants and declaring that it takes 'more certainty than talent to be a star. I mean look at, um ... look at John Stamos'. But in all that time I don't think I've seen a better stand in than this tulip print top.

Angora floral print top £36
It's got the tulips and it's in a very similar coral colour. While the sleeves are long and the neckline doesn't come quite as low (though both those things could be altered if you really wanted), paired with a coral pencil skirt and a white shirt underneath with gold cardi clips, you'd have a fabulous approximation of this outfit. And you could always remove the belt although I think Emma would like it. Bows are always good.

And here's my tribute to this vintage Wemma scene. I do hope for more like this. It has so much I love - Will/Emma interaction, white gloves, Emma telling it like it is, cleaning her pot plants, the bang swoosh, the awkward Ken-Emma-Will love triangle, cardi clips and Emma's insistence that everything with Ken is 'great. It's great. It's wonderful. Um, you know he's flawed but he knows who he is and that's great. There really is nothing sexier in a man than ... than confidence, you know.' And the look on Will's face.

My only disappointments - finding out they weren't being serious about the Stamos and never seeing Emma shoes.

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