Friday, 25 February 2011

For Brittany

Because she's awesome. And I'm sure you are too. So you should have a t-shirt that says it for you.
"You look terrible. I look awesome" t-shirt a.k.a. awesome floral crop tee $15.80
I'm so happy for Brittany that she got to sing a Ke-dollar-sign-ha song and in celebration of that I've picked out some more Brittany-esque clothing.

Sweet bunny tee $18 Forever 21
Because she's sweet
Over Achiever top $14.80 Forever 21
No, no, I'm serious. I think Brittany has turned into one of 
the real over achievers of the glee club
cream heart print crop tee £14.99 River Island
Hearts because she has heart
Love bug crop tee $15 Forever 21
Because everyone should wear ladybugs
I can't see this online anymore but maybe it's still in stores
Connor All Over Floral Printed Jeans £25
So pleased to see Brittany wear things like her floral jeans
because it's how I pictured her
stripe knee socks $15 from Topshop
In case she needs more Christmassy knee socks
Pink unicorn ring £10 Miss Selfridge
 Because you know she thinks they're real


Naomi said...
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Naomi said...

Omg WHERE did you find that overachiever shirt on the website ? I was looking for it & I don't see it =/

Tea said...

It seems to have sold out online in the last week ... but you should definitely still try in stores because they may have it. Also Forever 21 do sometimes get the same items back in stock again so it's worth keeping an eye out. Hope you find it :)