Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hello, Emma!

It was lovely to see you again, even if briefly and, ya know, rather disappointingly not with a storyline of your own. I really want to know, what's going on with you? The whole marriage thing, you and Carl, how's that going? This last couple of months, being newlyweds  ... that's all new to you and I'm wondering what you're thinking about it all ... maybe you could tell us sometime soon? But nevermind for now I just want to say hi Emma, hello again.

And I saw this necklace yesterday and it made me think of you. Well telephones always do ... in jewellery form that is, and vintage ones, not all telephones, like mobiles and ... anyway I digress. I saw this necklace in Accessorize and I thought of you.
Antique telephone long pendant necklace £12
It's not, quite obviously, a brooch like the one you wore in Bad Reputation, but I like it and I thought it would look nice worn with a blouse - something with pretty pleats or a vintage feel, like these ones perhaps.

Top left: lace trim blouse £22.99 from Newlook Top right: cream pleat neck top £22 from Dorothy Perkins
Lower left:  light pink tiered peter pan collar blouse $75 Lower right: Louche Glenda blouse £32

I thought the short sleeved coral top with pleated shoulders worn with this necklace might be a bit like how you wore that gold locket/pendant over your blue pleated top at the end of "The Rhodes Not Taken". I guess I thought of that because you know you tend to wear shorter statement necklaces rather than pendants and ... I, ah, I do hope this knowledge of your wardrobe doesn't seem creepy ... or, you now, stalkerish, Em. It's not I swear, it's totally healthy.

And I have been looking for a telephone brooch just like yours (totally healthy like I said), but so far this is what I've found.

All from Etsy
And they're all pretty and if I got this Kookai sailor sweater and this red pencil skirt and some red t-bars, I'd totally have a fierce man whore slaying outfit like yours, and surely everyone needs one of those now and then?

But I'd love to have a telephone brooch that spelled out hello with the chord. It's so special and ... really touching. Knowing it must have had significance to you because 'Hello again' was the song Will chose for you as a couple (I just know he didn't remember that whole prom thing) and perhaps when you bought it it felt like a promise that you would be together again. But then you didn't get to wear it until that day in the teachers' lounge and I'm guessing you chose it hoping that he would remember what it had meant to you both and what he had taken away. Okay that just about breaks my Wemma-loving little heart these days ... perhaps I shouldn't have brought it up. I just hope you can wear it again soon for the very same reason as when you first bought it, I really do ... oh, um, not that your marriage to Carl isn't going really well I'm sure. I'm sure there are no complications, none at all. I mean what could get in the way?

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