Thursday, 3 February 2011

So you still want to dress like Rachel Berry? Part IV: More dresses

The ones from the places Rachel doesn't shop but should

Okay, first up Topshop. Why Rachel doesn't shop here I just don't know because they have lots of suitable dresses.

 I love all three of these - the floral print belted tea dress, the incredibly sweet Annie Greenabelle dress with polka dot borders and bow belt and the twofer dress with polka dot skirt and paperbag waist (also Annie Greenabelle).

I'm in love with the polka dot trimmed and ruffled halterneck by WalG and the nautical flavoured piped pinafore (also WalG). Not that I'd say no to the pretty navy clover flower print dress either.

I like the colourful print of the black petal print notch tea dress. The red pinafore  is perhaps a little old school Rachel but I like it and I love the spotted dress with scalloped collar.

Now for a look at Warehouse. There are definitely some pretty dresses - only problem is being a shop for grown ups they might be a little long for Lea Rachel
I think Rachel would enjoy the bird prints of both the bird and swallow print dresses and we know she likes stripes which are used to great effect in varying widths and the tiered skirt of this drop waist dress.
Still Rachel has been wearing long-sleeved dresses and I think both these floral print smock dresses would suit her.

Moving on to Dorothy Perkins we have two dresses in a black and camel colour combination Rachel has shown favour for.
I think she could wear either the polka dot print dress with peter pan collar or the striped shirt dress with contrast collar.
I have mentioned two of these dresses before but the black polka dot dress with bow sleeves (left) would be great for Rachel and I love the polka dot dress with yellow belt and trim - and Danielle suggested it would work well for Rachel and I have to agree. The black dress is included simply because we know Rachel's a girl who likes a giant bow.

There are two more polka dot dresses as well as some prints from
The very retro 'don't play with my heart' dress and the 'spotted in the crowd pocket' dress - actually both just different colourways of dresses from Modcloth.
Rachel would surely like the print and the name of the 'dream a little dream' bow print dress and the ruffles of the 'irises in bloom' and 'flying free' dresses.

Now for some nautical dresses from Needless to say I love them but I think I can justify choosing them for Rachel based on her wearing of sailboats and sailor tops 
Isn't the white sailor dress reminiscent of her outfit for 'Get happy'? And I love the navy dress with contrast collar and buttons.

There are two great polka dot dresses from - one with tie front, the other with crossover straps - and I think both would be great on Rachel.

And there are more stripes, florals and a contrast collar knit dress from
There's also this knit dress with trompe l'oeil collar which I think is a great alternative to Rachel's Brooks Brothers dress worn in 'A Very Glee Christmas' - not only is, at £24.99, a fraction of the price but it also comes in adult sizes.

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