Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cherry for your thoughts?

When Emma wore her cherry earrings in Power of Madonna they were the perfect accessory for the storyline. But since she became Emma Pillsbury-Howell it seemed reasonable to believe that she might not be able to put them to such symbolic good use again.

With recent revelations suggesting this may not be the case I thought I'd celebrate by putting together a whole post full of cherry clothing and accessories.

First up we have some pricey Dolce&Gabbana ss11 offerings.

 silk cherry blouse 329 EUR, cherry dress £320, cherry print silk cardigan £240

Even if, as for me, they're well out of your price range, there's reason to be thankful as this season's designer trend has given us many an affordable interpretation.

Oasis has a great cherry print cardi for £40 (for Emma of course). It comes in black and white. There's a rather wonderful cherry print prom dress, which come to think of it is the perfect item of clothing for this print, don't you think?

 Maybe Rachel would like it, or Santana could wear it ... you know to be ironic.

If you only want to add a touch of cherry print to your outfit, there are bags and scarves too.

There's more Rachel Berry worthy cherry clothing. A cherry print dress from Topshop for $90

This very affordable navy and white dress for 18 from Forever 21 (check stores, it's now out of stock online)
This puff sleeve cherry sweater from Urban Outfitters for $49

And not so affordable, unless you're Rachel Berry clearly, is this Anna Sui cherries cardi for $319. But I do think Rachel might like to wear it to a celibacy club meeting.

If you want to go subtle with your subtext, then an accessory like Emma's earrings is the way to go. So you could hunt for Emma's Betsey Johnson ones.
An aside: Is it just me or has someone taken the green glittery leaves off Emma's? Maybe we've just never got a good enough look but I've haven't noticed any green on them.

I also like these ones for $10
Or these ones for $15

And Accessorize has some fabulous cherry drop earrings right now, I just can't find them online or a picture anywhere. But they are lovely.

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