Saturday, 18 December 2010

Dear Santa

I'd love to find these things under my tree so I'm sending you my Christmas list.
In an ideal world or a pretend tv one for that matter, Santa, you'd bring me this lovely peacock brooch from Kate Spade ($179). But if you can't, and I have a feeling that's the case, I'd really like this peacock ring from River Island (£12.99).

And if I open my stocking and find this pretty golden finch birdcage pendant from Kate Spade ($125) I'd be delighted.

But if that just can't be I'd be happy to find these birdcage earrings from Topshop ($28) instead.
Or this necklace from Etsy ($12)

And I seem to have a bit of a bird theme going here so how about this Kate Spade Sandpiper Sierra blouse? It's $265. Is that okay?

If not maybe you could get me this bird print blouse from Dorothy Perkins ($50)
Or this one with a tie neck from Warehouse ($89)
And these little gold sandpiper earrings are cute ($45 from Kate Spade)
 But you could always get me these adorable gold duck earrings instead. ($1.99 from Ebay)
And this next thing - it's not Kate Spade but I like it anyway. It's the cashmere intarsia sweater dress Rachel wore in 'A Very Glee Christmas' and it's $160 from Brooks Brothers. I know because The Possessionista told me so.

But it's from the children's department which I kind of object to on principle so perhaps you'd get me this lovely sweater dress from Louche ($76) instead.

And then there's this dress from New Look for $39. I know it's out of stock online now but, Santa, with your magic powers maybe you can find it in a store.
And finally for some festive fun I'd like this jingle bells headband from Kate Spade ($75). But if you're budget doesn't stretch to that maybe you could just bring me some jingle bells so I can glue them to an alice band. Thanks, Santa.
p.s. That ReWalker you got Artie for Christmas was awesome!

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