Friday, 17 December 2010

Musings on life, love and Glee

In addition to the many many other things I don't know, it really hadn't registered that Kate Spade made china too. How did I not know that? I have no idea ... probably because I'm shoe obsessed ... but anyway it brings me to the important question - why would Emma elope when she could have stayed in Lima and had a gift registry? She would have to choose between many lovely designs though - like the polka-dotted Larabee Road or bow-adorned Belle Boulevard. Perhaps it was just too tricky.

Along with the many things that Emma has taught us, including why you really shouldn't marry the rebound guy, I realised in this last spell of icy weather that mysophobia actually teaches you some excellent defensive hand positions. An unexpected bonus.

Driving home today, the car in front had the number plate '2 CLEAN'. That really should belong to Emma. Maybe Carl will get it for her for Christmas. A vanity plate seems like the kind of gift he would buy.

I love you Emma but I really think when it comes to your love life you're a complete mess okay? You gotta sort it stat.

I'm so pleased to know that another item of Emma's clothing came from Forever 21 - and not just any item but one that we all love and everyone thought was vintage. It makes me feel vindicated in spending far too much time browsing online and that it's not a complete waste of time. Yay! Reason enough to carry on.

Never did I think that my coat addiction could become life-threatening, but when I'm waiting on a crowded tube platform and giving more of my attention than is truly sensible to the details of my fellow travellers' coats I think it just could be. Must get help ...

Visiting my aunt this weekend, I realised (and I don't know why I didn't before) not only is she the grinch who stole Christmas (as usual) but she really is a lot like Sue Sylvester. Only Sue is a lot funnier and nicer I think too.

Wearing yellow always makes me feel better. I think it really could be the secret to happiness and if it is then our Emma might just have stumbled on to something wonderful - perhaps not a cure for cancer but head to toe yellow might just bring world peace.

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