Friday, 3 December 2010

On the third day of Advent

Emma got this mistletoe bracelet. It's pretty and it's made from Czech glass, freshwater pearls and gold. And available from this etsy seller. Yes, you may wonder how on earth all this mistletoe jewellery will help the situation but I really think it could - you just have to look at TTTM to know that. Plus I don't recognize the Pillsbury-Howell union and shall live in a bubble of fairly blissful denial until Ryan Murphy regains some semblance of sanity and allows Will and Emma to be together or until the end of time ... whichever comes first.

Also I'm just pleased to be able to post about a bracelet that's so much nicer than the only one I added to my collection today (a hospital id bracelet ... bleh).

Don't waste a minute

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