Saturday, 11 December 2010

Dancing shoes/baking shoes

A shoe intervention - yes that's shoe, not Schue

Whether you're going to be dancing or baking, the holidays demand fabulous footwear. And I see no reason why we all shouldn't follow Jayma's example and wear sparkly shoes for baking. You would probably not want to be a messy baker though because glitter is hard to clean, so just be neat okay?

I love all of these Kate Spade shoes - the polka dotted Didi, Darla and Gala mary janes, the metallics of Karma, Chrome and Caz, the ruffle fronted Chrisette and Great courts and red Darla mary janes, corsage adorned Mollie, Grand and Kamille, glittery Cassie, Giada and Chase, cute cut-outs on Kellie, Bethany and Cybil and of course the bow bedecked peep toes like the duck egg blue Glori t-bars, pink Muse slingbacks and velvety Chime and Giada. And not forgetting the gorgeously glittery Charm shoes, which we know are perfect for baking and look almost good enough to cure cancer on their own, though it's great that they have some help.

Aren't all these shoes so pretty? Uh-huh, yes they are. And that brings me to my important point, something I've been worried about for a while. You see, Emma, I'm a little worried about your dependence on J Crew shoes. I do believe that you own and have worn red D&G t-bars but other than that ALL OF YOUR SHOES ARE J CREW!!!

I know you've been challenging yourself with mixing up red and white grapes, positioning your stationary supplies askew, eating sandwiches with the crusts on and, you know, getting married. But perhaps instead you should focus on some goals that lie somewhere in the middle on a scale of extreme actions and yet are more beneficial and would give you longer term satisfaction. Because of course, husbands come and go, but shoes are forever.

So look at these pretty shoes. Aren't they so very pretty? And they come from Kate Spade and Anthropologie. Nice safe familiar names for you Emma. That seems like a good place to start doesn't it? And there are lots of lovely mary janes and t-bars just like you like. Wouldn't you like to try them? Just think of the hours of shopping and wearing pleasure these shoes would give you. These shoes are so worth it.

And look Betsey designs shoes as well as earrings (and show choir dresses). 

Wouldn't you like to wear her beribboned Calandra mary janes or Nelson pumps, Emma? Or maybe her metallic Aleta pumps, Joshua sandals or Jolene or Diza t-bars. I hope this has given you some ideas for making further progress, Emma, I definitely think this is an area you would do well to focus your attention on.

But I have one warning: I need to make it clear though that I don't think you should try to break your attachment to your PMJs. That would be extremely foolhardy, not least because they are pretty (oh so pretty) but also because I think it would actually be impossible. So just make sure you buy up all the pairs on ebay so that you have replacements, because I fear for your sanity were the bambi incident to be repeated or you irreparably broke a heel.

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