Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas has come early

Well it always feels like Christmas to me when there are pretty new clothes to admire at Kate Spade. Let's look at the new-in dresses.

I, of course, love the Jillian polka dot dress with bow front tie and the black and white floral print Josie dress would look lovely on Emma for a dressy occasion too. But I love the polka dots the most ... and the red shoes Emma's wearing with both.

The Violetta shirt dress is gorgeous with its stripes and ruffles and would not only look perfect on Emma but be perfect for a day of guidance counselling at McKinley. If I had to put my money on one of these dresses this would be it.

The Sharon sweater dress has a sweet all-over stitch pattern and I love the contrast detailing but I'm never sure how Emma would feel about a sweater dress. They're fine for Rachel but I can't help but think for Emma they'd be a little unstructured.

Which brings me to the striped Briella dress. I like the combination of stripes and ruffles but we've never seen Emma in a silhouette anything like this. So if she were to wear it I'd have to think the worst and assume there was a little Howell on the way. Still at this stage I don't think anything can really shock me.

There's a bit of a nautical theme going on at Kate Spade with lots of stripes and rope inspired accessories. I love Emma in stripes and this sweater with one of her favourite colour combinations, blue and yellow, would surely appeal. It's styled here with the doodle pen necklace, which despite Emma's progress with her OCD would surely come in handy, but I'd be tempted to wear the gold 'know the ropes' necklace. I like the Jacquard Julie skirt it's shown with - I like the touch of metallic. And I'd love to see Emma in the striped Piper skirt too - it has a gorgeous pleated waist reminiscent of the paper bag waist on Emma's Anna Sui trampoline skirt.

The Sandpiper Sierra blouse has a delicate bird print that I think Emma would like. And the coordinating bags, bracelet and necklaces are lovely too. In fact I love all the Kate Spade jewellery especially the gold short bubbly necklace and the long colourful bubbly necklace in both blue and yellow. I think Emma needs some idiom bangles because I'm sure she'd like the cheerful inscriptions and they add a perfect pop of colour. This yellow and white polka dot one would suit so many of Em's outfits.

The striped flower t-shirt has, well, stripes and flowers - two things Emma loves. And I know it's a t-shirt but what with Emma embracing all kinds of new things I figure she may like some casual outfits for chilling out at the weekends with the new hubby. (I don't really like this idea that much.)

Most Kate Spade shoes are perfection and these two are no exception - the duck egg blue Gloris are t-bars with bows and Didis are polka dot mary janes with corsages. I wanted to put lots of exclamation marks there just because they make me so happy. I. love. these. shoes.
And now for the jackets. I think they're probably all possible for Emma though I'm not *whispers* that taken with any of them yet. I have to admit saying  that gives me a panicky feeling that Emma will wear one in the next episode and I will realise that I don't know her at all anymore. Maybe they'll grow on me and anyway I'll love almost anything (but not that crewelwork cardi) on Emma. The one I like best at the moment is the Jacquard Renee jacket with its lurex diamond pattern.

 Finally we have the Briella blouse, which I adore and with its ruffled neckline could hardly be more Emma, and the mod squad Kylie skirt. Despite the Emma-esque bright colours, I wasn't sure about the skirt but now I see it on Emma, I think it looks lovely. Everything looks lovely on Emma though.

I really need these red shoes

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