Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Gleeful Christmas Presents

A little late for Christmas presents? No, it's never too late for gifts. Here are some of my suggestions for the Glee characters. Hover over each gift to see what's inside.

It goes without saying that I could choose endless gifts for myself  for Emma. Oh wait I pretty much already have! So instead here we have Emma's gift from Carl - or at least one of them.

Will and Quinn seem most in need of guidance so I've selected some self-help books for them. I really hope they read them and find them helpful.

Now I know Sue's kind of a meanie but I think we've all seen her softer side too. And she certainly had found some Christmas spirit by the end of a 'A Very Glee Christmas' so I thought that she might be pleased with this sparkly whistle necklace. It's something she can put on with one of her tracksuits next time she has a dressy occasion and it won't feel too unfamiliar for her.

I really don't feel like I know Santana well but I felt pretty sure she'd like Puck tied up with a bow. It was either that or a gift card for Breadsticks.

Rachel's gift is, I hope you'll notice, wrapped in Hannukah wrapping paper as well as having a gold star tag of course. Although I don't honestly know why I bother given that she'll happily sing Christmas songs, shop for Christmas trees, decorate Christmas trees ... well pretty much celebrate Christmas in its entirety if  'A Very Glee Christmas' is anything to go by. Not that I blame her one little bit, I don't see any reason to miss out on Christmas. And since I'm feeling kind of bad for her losing Finn, I chose her all this pretty star jewellery to cheer her up. Oh and a tinkerbell necklace because ... well you know.

I think you can see from Brittany's gift just how much I like Christmas. Yes I'm one of those people who thinks it's fine to give Christmas ornaments as a gift and I think these ones are perfect for Brittany. Oh and there are some earrings too.

I really liked Tina's panda hat so I've chosen her this sequin one. Maybe she'll wear it for New Year's. And there are some fingerless panda gloves ... um, that doesn't sound quite right but anyway there's also a silver fang necklace.

And ya, so I've kind of skipped the boys. But that's because boys are mainly boring to buy for ... they all get dvds, computer games and other tech. It's just not as fun as shopping for pretty things. Oh except Kurt, he's fun to buy for, I'll go choose something for him now ... but I shan't feel too bad about leaving him out because one way or another he's getting lots of gifts these days.

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