Sunday, 26 December 2010

On the third day of Christmas

I would give to Emma this pretty jewellery (because I'm a little late with things like this but it's the thought that counts and really I'm kinda sad that advent's over and I still wanna look for more jewellery).

Yup, I'm pretty sure there's no way that can be made to fit the tune but anyway this is the gift I would give Emma if she were my friend and not an *ahem* fictional character (I really don't believe that, I just say it to make me seem a little more sane. I realise it probably isn't working)

What's the gift? Well a twelve days of Christmas brooch set of course!

For the first day of Christmas, this gold tone partridge in an acrylic pear (sold)

For the second day of Christmas, two kissing doves (vintage celluloid, Ebay $9.99). I couldn't find a turtle dove brooch, sorry Em, hope you like this one instead.
For the third day of Christmas, three little birds ($15.99 Etsy). Ya see above, I had the same problem with french hens as I did with turtle doves.
For the fourth day of Christmas, (I'm glad you like birds Emma, you really need to for this gift to work) a four (plus one) bird brooch

I wanted to get you this one  which is actually four birds, but it has rubies and sapphires and costs $525.

For the fifth day of Christmas, five (interlocking) gold rings ($27.00 Etsy)
which was a relief to find because otherwise I thought I'd have to give you this Olympic pin

For the sixth day of Christmas, this goose brooch (ignore the penguins). Because frankly at this stage the numbers are starting to get a little silly. ($8.00 Etsy)
For the seventh day of Christmas, a (rhinestone) swan brooch ($4.99 Like I said, I'm so glad you like bird jewellery.
For the eighth day of Christmas, this milkmaid brooch ($10 Hope it doesn't make you too sad about not being a dairy farmer, Em.
For the ninth day of Christmas, a dancing lady brooch ($18

For the 10th day of Christmas, this leaping lord/dancer brooch ($5.77
For the eleventh day of Christmas, this crystal pipe (as in flute) brooch ($16.95
For the twelfth day of Christmas, this toy drummer brooch ($14
Hope you enjoy this gift Emma! It was fun to shop for! I do wish I could buy brooches for more people ...


Kathleen said...

okay I need all of these. especially the milk maid one. so adorable.

Tea said...

Yup, I have this problem too. I browse for jewellery for Emma (well that's what I tell myself LOL) in order to stop me looking for myself ... and then I end up wanting it all including and especially the $500 ruby and sapphire brooch :O