Saturday, 4 December 2010

Dear Mr Ryan Murphy

I wrote this a while ago but I mean some of it even more now. I am I think now in the anger phase of my grief so I can't really be coherent but I need to vent ...

You seem to me like someone who would know that it's okay to tease as long as you please, but your teasing, it isn't pleasing. Yes I'm talking about Wemma. Stop it. Now.

And while you're listening, you are listening right? I think you need to think about loyalty. Because the success of Glee relies on the loyalty of its fans and I think you're seriously testing that loyalty. When you don't let Emma be an episode ... well sometimes I can even hardly be bothered to watch. Not straight away anyway, when Miss Pillsbury's not in the show and the real Will is unlikely to appear, I can wait like a whole week to watch and it's really not painful at all. Do you see the problem? If this is what you do when you write Emma into the show maybe it was better that you just left her out.

And also, I think you've probably heard this, people talk about the real appeal of Glee not being the music, the tribute episodes or celebrity guest stars - I know hard to believe it but people say it's its heart. And before Kurt got real storylines and before we even knew Sue had a heart, there was Will and Emma and they gave the show heart. So why don't you think people want to see the characters that they were? Because I do not recognize these people you are calling Will and Emma now.

Or could you just have forgotten? Because maybe you're just up too close to have a sense of perspective. It seems like that's the case with the story arcs but, and I know little about this, I think that's where having a long term plan of how to develop the story and the characters would come in handy. I'm pretty sure most short stories have more plot mapped out than a season of Glee. What's wrong with having an overview? I know you have to keep us and the cast in the dark about what's going to happen but I don't think that means you shouldn't have a clue either.

And if you're going to have strange dream sequences and hallucinations why can't they involve Wemma? And if Will was hallucinating about minis, why couldn't they be Wemma babies? And maybe while you're at it you could just make the whole of season 2 a dream sequence okay? Because sweet Cheesus I can't take any more.

Except the Barole wedding should be real and you could keep Principal Sue too ... and ya know some other stuff. But basically you can do so much better. Please do better. There's clearly no point asking any more is there?

p.s. if you don't let Emma be in every episode from now on, I will cut you.
p.s. if you don't unmarry Carl and Emma straight away, I will cut you

p.p.s. You have basically broken the remaining fragments of my heart. Sure it was already broken (and not by Glee I might add) but that didn't make it okay for you to pulverise the little jagged bits that were left. I know romance doesn't belong in real life but that is my point it belongs on our tv screens so put it back please

p.p.p.s. If  you had to have Emma get married why just play it for shock value, instead of giving us some build up and a dress dammit!?! Why? Well we didn't even get to see her be happy and I could deal a whole lot better if we'd just had a dress to look at!!!

This is how you've made me feel about Wemma


Mackensie Perry said...

im really upset that emma and carl got married. WHAT WAS THAT? i mean, really, they just destroyed Will's hope at ever getting the perfect girl for him. Emma and Will were ment to be. i feel a boycott coming on...

Tea said...

Oh me too! It made me so very cross! And I thought about not watching any more ... but I feel that would be like giving in to Ryan Murphy! And I will not let him win!!! In the meantime I shall mainly live in denial that this marriage ever took place and read fanfics where all is right with the world :)