Sunday, 1 May 2011

Shopping at Zara for Emma

Since Lou's started shopping at Zara, some of their clothes might find their way into Emma's wardrobe too. So I thought I should take a look with Emma in mind and I think there are some definite candidates.

There are a number of ruffled and pleated blouses - I like this multi-coloured print one and I think the pleated shoulders would appeal to Emma. The bright shell tops with bow shoulders are lovely too and can you ever have too many pencil skirts? No, the answer is no. The green one would come in useful if you got your hands on a vintage ladybug embroidered cardi, for example, or just at Christmas. In fact there are endless possibilities. I think it's a must buy. And the belts ... patent leather ... bows ... bright pops of colour ... need I say more? No, I don't think so.


Hannah said...

I've really got into Zara recently. When I walked into their High Street Ken store the other day I was blown away by all the bright colours. Plus their basic range is pretty cheap too =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

Tea said...

Love all the fabulous brights they have! Especially all the colourful skirts in at the moment :)