Saturday, 21 May 2011

Colourblocking with Emma

Something I like to do with the new trends each season is to ask myself 'What would Emma think?' I think perhaps that more people should do that. It would probably save them from making costly and embarrassing wardrobe mistakes. Anyway with colourblocking I think Emma's would have to view this trend favourably. I imagine her response would be something along the lines of 'have you seen my PMJs?' to which my answer would have to be 'why yes Emma we have and they are very pretty!'

So if we're agreed that colourblocking is in principle a good thing then we just need to ask ourselves how Emma might wear it (you know other than on her PMJs). I've taken the liberty of selecting some items of coloublocked clothing as well as shoes and bags that I think might appeal to Emma. Sadly there are no strong contenders for PMJ substitutes. I blame this on this season's all-pervasive wedge.

Okay quick round-up of the things I like:

I really like the dress Emma is 'wearing', love the colours and the retro vibe, though I realise it may be a bit short for her

there are lots of great a-line pleated and colourblocked skirts that I think Emma would love

I think Emma would like all the colourblocked bags especially the taupe and coral combination

For shoes, well we may not have any PMJ replacements but I do think the pink and red bow (!) platforms are very pretty and, even though they're Ivanka Trump shoes I do like the taupe and shiny scarlet peep toes

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