Monday, 2 May 2011

Braving the beach

With the amazingly warm weather we've been having recently, my thoughts (and wardrobe obviously) have been turning to summer which of course means bathers. And I'm wondering if, what with her new therapist and all, Emma might be thinking about braving the beach this summer. If she did, these are the swimmers I think she'd like to wear along with her new confident attitude.

The taupe and coral polka dot and bow-bedecked bikini from Ruche couldn't be more Emma and I'm sure she'd check out what Anthro has on offer so maybe the lovely polka dot two piece or the yellow one - it's called the Vitamin D bikini!!! Yes I get excited by things like that.  The rest are all Betsey Johnson swimwear and I think Betsey's come up with a lot Emma would like. Maybe she'd choose the swan print ruffled bikini or the red ruffled tankini but I think the blue and yellow polka dot and beribboned bikini (or the more modest swim dress) might be her favourite.

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