Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Almost prom!!

So just in case they needed to do some (very) last minute re-shoots of Prom Queen because of dress spoilers say, I've picked out some alternative dresses.

Santana's dress is pretty and floral but, like her,  has attitude, Rachel's has her (newish) favourite print polka dots and a bow and Brittany's is glittery and fun - and yes borrows a little from Lou's choice but is a lot cheaper. Tina gets two because I like her and both the dresses so she'd have to make the tough choice between lace and pleats and the giant bow and hitched tulle which is kind of Helena Bonham Carter-esque. Mercedes gets an animal print dress ... I shall be disappointed if she doesn't wear one for prom. And of course I already chose Quinn's dress.

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