Thursday, 26 May 2011

Chaperoning Prom: the way it should have been

Some may not agree but in my opinion in season two of Glee there were so very many wrongs that need righting. So I'm going to start by addressing what I see as the most important problem - the lack of Emma. First up I'm inserting Emma into the prom episode. There should have been dancing or at least longing looks across the dance floor, maybe some serving of punch, dispensing of advice and of course a dress, jewellery and shoes. Okay really that's the only bit I can do anything about so I've chosen Emma this circa 1960s vintage dress in delicate floral lace with scalloped edges and a dramatic bow sash. We should have got to see it... or you know something like it. Next I think I'll take on the outfits Emma would have packed for NYC because she should have been there too. That was far more unfair than New Directions defeat.

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