Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Green, white and daisies reworked

Do you remember that outfit you wore, Emma, the one with the green blouse and the white jacket and your Kate Spade daisy necklace? Well, here's the thing, there was really nothing wrong with the concept but the execution it was just not good. So here's an outfit that uses the same colours and incorporates the daisies, albeit on the cardi instead of a necklace (your necklace is lovely btw, you should put it to good use in another outfit).
Emma wears Kate Spade Kati beaded cardigan

And I know that that was a bad time for you, Emma, that you must have been really confused and distressed by the whole marrying Ken thing and Will having a fake baby. And it really is the only excuse I can come up with for some of the outfits you were wearing at that time (yes, crewelwork cardi, I mean you) but you see I'm not sure it's really a good reason. Because one way or another you were letting Will affect how you dressed - either because you gave up caring how you looked or in an attempt to repel him - and it doesn't really matter because in the end you were only compromising yourself. Because you should never dress for a man, Emma, in any way, I'm sure you know that really, and you should never change how you dress because of anyone else. I thought it might be an opportune time to discuss this because it seems, and this is just as an outside observer, that things between you and Will might be well let's just say you might be getting close again and that always brings with it the potential for complications and heartache. But I don't want you to let that affect your style this time, it's just not worth it, so no boxy white jackets, boring blouses and granny cardis okay please? Unless that cardi was borrowed from your grandmother, say because your washing machine broke and you had nothing else clean, then I would understand.

p.s. there are lots of other lovely Kate Spade Kati cardis in various colours and designs ... you could have a blue one or yellow or pink or why not have them all? *subliminal message... get the yellow one Emma, I like the yellow*

I'll blame you Will

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