Saturday, 28 May 2011

Date dresses for Emma

I don't know about you but I think Emma should get to go on some dates this I'm not specifying who they should be with ;) And to my mind that means dresses. So I'm thinking if Emma popped into Nordstrom to pick up a cardi in a new colourway and she had a hot date that night maybe she'd think about getting a new dress. Who knows? I mean we won't be seeing these dates because they won't be filming Glee over the summer (yes I'm well aware I sound crazy) but hey what's new there since they never let Emma have a scene anyway. Here are some dresses she might like... yes I may have got a little carried away.

Dresses for Emma

Dresses for Emma by shinyprettythings 

The coral dress has crazy ruffles, the yellow has pretty pleats and just look at the gorgeous folded collar/bow/button detailing on the turquoise sheath. The yellow and grey print makes me think of Emma's pick-a-bunch cardi and the green one, well it's green, retro and has buttons, what more does it need? The white dress I can imagine Emma wearing with a yellow cardi or maybe her beeline billie or her green and white kati.

Mmmm... blue floral sheath dress with amazing pleated neckline I think I love you. And Emma likes these blues and looks so good in them too. I'm pretty sure she'd like the vintage looking print and teamed with the right cardi... perhaps her blue michaeline and coordinating brooch, her gold mary janes and belt, I think it would be lovely.

And pink floral sheath with ruffled collar, you're just like a hybrid of bedazzled josie and brodie. Needless to say you're lovely too (yes I'm now talking to the clothes...don't worry I'm sure I'll be fine).

There are more yellow dresses too - ruffle trimmed or a simple sheath with split neck in a dazzling shade. I think that would be my choice.

And Emma would surely try on this coral dress with the delightful bow neckline.

Red floral dress you kind of make me think of Emma's red cactus filis Tory Burch cardi. Even though you are more blurry. But you have pleats. I like you.

And more florals!!! Yellow and orange is a good combination, so is coral and pink, and coral and turquoise - plus coral and turquoise dress you have a really interesting rosette neckline. Watercolour print with pleated neckline I think you're good too. And simple blush sheath dresses you make up for your sleek simplicity with sweet details like scalloped necklines, corsage details and subtle but intricate embellishment.

I feel the need to explain - pleats like this make me feel giddy. I just had to include them all.

I mean just look at that pleated bib detail on the black dress and the ruffle fronts on those shirtdresses. And orange sheath I like the way you do the pleat neck thing your own way. That's special. But blue dress you do your pleats classically yet perfectly too. Coral dress... you have a bow. Yes, a bow and buttons.

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