Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Not Emma's watercolour floral pencil skirt

Blue floral pencil skirt £28 from Dorothy Perkins

I think this is a perfect floral pencil skirt for Emma. It's not her watercolour floral pencil skirt for sure but I do think it would be great with her IYB and that makes sense because it's kind of like her aqua bow pencil skirt mixed with her watercolour pencil skirt (thus proving clothing arithmetic works which is good because it's the most enjoyable kind).

And I think Emma would have a great outfit with this skirt, her IYB, yellow PMJs and ladybug bracelet.

But in case you don't have Emma's blouse you might like this top to go with it. Yes it's a t-shirt but it's also fairly affordable and it has a bow.

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