Saturday, 12 March 2011

Forever 21 Finds: Brittany

One area season 2 has delivered more than I expected is with respect to Brittany's, Santana's and Quinn's clothing. Yep, you gotta look for the positives. Anyway Brittany likes her cropped tees and so I've picked out some with her favourite motifs - hearts and birds it seems. Oh yes and there's a magic bunny t-shirt too.

Also we have shorts (with and without suspenders), a jumpsuit (the bamboo print is reminiscent of the H&M bird print one Brittany wore), floral print jeans (yes the blue and white pair look a little odd in the picture because they've been styled with Rachel's shoes but without they be just fine for Brittany).

Brittany would definitely wear the feather earrings. The zebra ring and panda tote are just there because I like them. And the tops, well Brittany likes owls (yay!) and while she may not know which flags these are I'm sure she'd wear either.

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