Thursday, 10 March 2011

Birds and the bees Betsey-style

Emma's really been working the symbolic jewellery well lately. I loved the bee brooch and owls are birds, so they're perfect for celibacy club, and her cherry earrings too of course. The flower brooch was also an appropriate choice.

It's spring and Betsey Johnson seems to have the birds and the bees on her mind too ... as well as ladybugs, dragonflies, frogs, flowers and all kinds of springtime delights ... and bows too. Bows are always good.

Emma definitely needs the bee drop earrings, I think she'd like the hummingbirds too and the yellow drop flowers with little gold bows would most surely appeal to her. Who wouldn't want those cute yellow ladybug earrings? The drop ladybug with bow that's part of the mismatched pair with the dragonfly is gorgeous too. Would Emma like the asymmetry? I don't know but one thing Emma's not afraid of is being adventurous with her jewellery ... I mean how many people would think to put a turtle brooch on the embellished flowers on their cardi? That's right, not many. I don't care what anyone says, Emma is fearless.

I'm loving the bracelets with their bright flowers and ladybugs. It would be like having a riot of spring dancing on your wrist.

And bows are always good. Always. The gold bow studs or hoops would work with so many outfits and the pearl drops are lovely. Of course yellow bows are awesome and the bangle is very pretty. I do hope Emma adds to her Betsey Johnson jewellery collection soon.

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