Monday, 14 March 2011

Forever 21 Finds: Rachel

I only need a little encouragement to keep me checking out the new arrivals at Forever 21 and being able to id Rachel's bow print dress, striped skirt (still available) and even Quinn's ruffle dress at a glance is enough for me. It's how I get my cheap thrills.

So first up we have dresses suitable for Miss Rachel F. Berry.

My favourites are given the Rachel Berry seal of approval - a gold star. The blue and white floral print Flower Garden dress with the ruffled sleeves reminds me of Rachel's floral Marc Jacobs dress. The black Posy Print chiffon dress is a little like the long-sleeved confetti print dress from H&M that Rachel wore. I like the dress with the flap detail on the bodice and row of three buttons (again similar in design to one of Rachel's Marc Jacobs dresses) and the polka dotted chambray dress with piping is simply very sweet. But I do think Rachel would wear any of these. She'd surely have to have this star print dress though.
Belted stars dress $22.80

I mean how could Rachel Berry resist the opportunity to remind her fellow students that she is a shiny star? And there's also another dress in a bow print (comes in red also) which we know Rachel likes.
Sateen bow dress $19.80
There are striped tops aplenty but also sailboats(!), polka dots, heart prints, fair isle, bow prints and butterflies. And how about that pink sweater with ruffled sleeves and bows?

And finally skirts - plaid, floral, striped and button-through but all mini. There's also a bird print skirt - I think Rachel might like it better without the lace.


Betty said...

Great finds! Have you by any chance checked out There are a lot of great potentially Rachel and Quinn-esque items there! Not quite sure about Emma, however.

Tea said...

Oooh yes! I love Modcloth ... although I genuinely find it quite dangerous to look because I want so many things :) Definitely they have a lot of Rachel dresses (I think I did a post on that) and Quinn too. I sometimes see some Emma tops and cardis there - but you're right it's not as rich pickings for Emma.