Thursday, 10 March 2011

New shoes for Emma

It seems like Emma's been on a shoe shopping spree lately. And I do love shoes. I really do. In fact if there wasn't already a fabulous blog of a very similar name I could easily have called my blog 'What shoes would Emma Pillsbury wear?'. It would of course have been a shame to miss out on all the pretty clothes and the appeal would have been rather niche but I would have been able to devote an awful lot of posts to shoes like these.

I'm loving the abundance of brightly coloured shoes right now - the bright blue, yellow and orange mary janes, the green peep toes. I adore the coral crossover strap shoes and I think Emma would too. I'm sure she'd love some striped or polka dotted shoes also, I mean who wouldn't? There are so many shoes with bows - delicate little ribbon bows or more of a statement like the spotted bows on the Modcloth courts. I'm loving the LK Bennett patent pumps - so much that I've included them in every colour - the rolled bows give a rather modern feel to an otherwise classic design. And I had to include the gold Glee peep toes, if only for the name.

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