Saturday, 18 September 2010

Emma dresses like Sue!

Back when I made this fashion therapy collection, I never imagined that Emma would try out Sue's addidas tracksuits for a new look but here she is in a Sue Sylvester tribute outfit!!! I feel like I should eat my hat or something but it is of course not actually Emma but Jayma so I guess I'm ok. And it's totally fabulous that Jayma and Jessalynn did this! Sue Sylvester rocks! So when I was checking out GleeHab recently it was great to see Jane Lynch giving a nod to Sue Sylvester when she went to the VMA awards in this coat that was so 'Sue on the red carpet' with the trademark stripes down the arms. I like to think that the polka dot lining is a little tribute to Emma's fashion fantabulousness too! Whatever the reason I think Jane Lynch made a great choice!

Jane Lynch at the VMAs source

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