Sunday, 12 September 2010

OMGlee! Only 8 days to go!!!

Only 8 days to go until we all start back at WMHS!!! I'm sure Emma is totally ready - outfits planned, pencil sharpeners disinfected and pamphlets alphabetised!! But as excited as I am and as much as I'm looking forward to season 2 starting I'm feeling a little apprehensive. It's like that feeling you get just before the start of the school year when you wonder if it's going to turn out to be a great year or not. And last year was just so very good, I want this one to be equally so!

I have to admit that part of the reason is I'm not good with change - I don't like it one bit! And there are going to be new kids in glee club! I'm going to have to get to know new people!!! And people change - should that really be allowed? I know it will be interesting and I want to see the characters grow and develop but at the same time I kind of want to keep them just as they are :)

Another reason is we will actually be seeing Emma with Carl - not just talking about this dentist boyfriend but actually with him. All season. That's going to be weird. I'm going to feel bad for Will. But then maybe he deserves it.

I'm even a little sad Kin is leaving. Emma and Kin were just the strangest pairing in the universe but there was just so much comedic potential there it was a wonderful relationship in its own special way.

Then there's the big one. The fear so great I'm not sure I should say it out loud ... but I'm going to anyway. This year they're all juniors yes? Which means next year they will be seniors and then ... then what happens to Glee? So I guess there are a few options - they can go the post high school route despite the warning examples of many a show before them, they could have some glee kids not graduate (hey it works well for Finn for a little while and for Brittany it would work forever) or they could just keep bringing in new glee kids (high school students are a renewable source after all). I kind of like the idea of moving to a different timescale like 24. I'm sure they wouldn't need to go that far but it would give us a few more seasons with the same cast - but the downside is fewer sectionals, regionals and nationals. Plus it could be totally confusing! The solution I like best is just make more shows - yay more Glee!

Anyway I'd like to conduct a little poll. How do you feel about this important issue? Choose as many answers as you like and/or make your own suggestions!

So this has been good. Talking through my feelings has really helped. I'm totally psyched to see what's going to happen next, to meet the new glee kids and to catch up with everyone. I can't wait! It's going to be an awesome year! Oh and the clothes - they will be pretty that's one thing I'm sure of!

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