Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I think I need a bow sweater ...

Yes I definitely do! Since Emma loves bows and knitwear (and I do too), a bow sweater seems like the perfect way to channel Emma's style for autumn/winter. So I've been checking out what's on offer at the moment in the way of bow-bedecked knitwear.

1) Up first we have my four bow choice, to me this sapphire blue Hobbs bow sweater is absolutely perfect for Emma. The gorgeous colour, dramatic bow, edging detail around the neck and sleeves and cute cropped and fitted shape make it a handsdown winner. It seems so Pillsbury perfect that I can't help but think if Glee were UK based Emma would be absolutely wearing this. I almost want to post one to Lou Eyrich! And if it weren't a little out of my price range I would be buying one for me!

2) This black and white stripe sweater with its bright red bow is a bargain from forever 21. I'm tempted to give it four bows as well - for the combination of bows and stripes and for the lovely pop of red. While Emma does more often wear crew necks, she has been known to wear a v-neck so I'm not sure if I should deduct a bow for that - maybe I'll give it 3 1/2 bows! Regardless I think this could be a great, affordable way to channel your inner Pillsbury if v-necks are your thing.

3) This black and cream bow sweater from Dorothy Perkins also comes in the reverse colour way and paired with a bright pencil skirt would make a suitably Emma-esque outfit. I'm giving it three bows because I'm afraid Emma might find the slightly fluffy bow off-putting.

4) Since this forever 21 cardi is a v-neck boyfriend style it gets only one bow. But while it's not something Emma herself would wear the sweet all-over bow pattern could be a great way to include some Emma-style into your own individual look.

5) Firmly in splurge territory, this Sonia Rykiel sweater should score highly on the bow scale with its stripes, central bow and contrasting cuffs and neckline. But somehow for me it misses and I'm only giving it two bows. I think by Emma's standards the slightly wonky bow lets it down and the way the cuffs don't match the bow or the edging around the neck might bother her. Just goes to show more expensive is not always more stylish.

6) Another one bow item, this bow/beau sweater from Dorothy Perkins is more Rachel than Emma but is a fun and whimsical nod to Emma's style and perfect for wearing with jeans for a much more casual look.

Bow sweaters 2

Bow sweaters 2 by shinyprettythings featuring a pink sweater

7) This long bow sweater from Oli gets 3 1/2 bows because I love the large bow with its spectacular detail. To me that bow is a four bow bow ... um yes I now realise my rating system is a bit confusing when applied to bows, nevermind let's carry on. But the long length of the sweater requires a deduction because I think Emma would want to wear it with a high waisted pencil skirt and while I believe that she could and indeed has very successfully worn longer length sweaters tucked in to her pencil skirt, not everyone can get away with the extra material round their hips.

8) A fairly classic black and white stripe sweater with a twist in the form of a lime green bow 'sash'. I like the way the green stripes go round the arms of the top too and the touch of colour. I'm giving this sweater from Hobbs three bows because I'm not sure it has quite enough quirk for Emma but having said that I think it could be perfect for real life, you know for those of us who can't get away with an IYB.

9) A navy and white stripe cardigan from River Island with bow and bead detail and I think quite a lot of Emma potential. I'm giving it three bows because bows AND stripes are always good and the asymmetry and beading make it a little unsusual.

10) I really like this black and white bow sweater from Oasis but it's only getting two bows because it doesn't have anything that particularly screams Emma. I guess what I'm saying is it seems a little restrained for her but that exact quality also makes it very wearable. At that price though my inner crafter is saying get out some wool and add a bow detail to a plain sweater that needs some embellishment. I'm sure Martha could show me how.

11) This black bow print zip cardigan from River Island gets two bows because I think it would be quite suitable for Emma if it weren't for the zip. That seems just too modern and functional for Emma, I'm sure she much prefers decorative fasteners like buttons or ribbon ties. And it might be a little chunky for Emma but that all makes it perfect for Rachel.

12) Another knit from River Island, this pale pink sweater with black bows seems a little too sweet and pastel for Emma. I think it may well be another Rachel top. I'm giving it one bow.

13) The black and white bow tunic from could be perfect for Emma but it all depends on how it fits. I love the design but Emma would need it to be a little neater fitting than on the model in order to make it work with her pencil skirts. I'm going to sit on the fence and give it 2 1/2 bows.

14) This lace bow top from Oasis seems like the kind of thing Emma might wear for relaxing at home, that's if she does that sort of thing. I have trouble imagining her out of her pencil skirts and cardis! I'm giving it two bows because it's sweet but grey doesn't really seem like Emma's colour. Despite that it's another top that has me wanting to channel by inner Martha Stewart and stitch a lace bow to something.

Lastly we have a polka dot cardigan with bows on the pockets from Oli. I think it deserves a four bow rating for the polka dot and bow combination. It's my idea of perfection at least and somehow the black and white and details on the pockets makes me think of it as a combination of Emma's sihouette cardi and her green Nanette Lepore cardi.

But my winner in the 'bow sweaters Emma really should wear' category is the sapphire blue Hobbs sweater so here it is in an outfit I put together for Emma.

Coming soon - military sweaters!


Courtney said...

Gorgeous, love your work! You're totally right about the Hobbs sweater being the best Emma option!

Tea said...

Aw thanks! I love that sweater - I just like to hope that one in my size finds its way into the sale! :)