Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dear Glee gods, please let Emma wear these clothes this season ...

So I'm very excited because this is my first EVER blog post but I am even more excited to know what Emma will be wearing in season 2 of Glee. And since we'll have to wait a whole two weeks to get a look at those first Emma outfits (excluding the tantalising sneak peeks I've seen in on set photos) I thought I would fill this agonising wait with some speculation about what Emma might wear. I have gone quite Milly heavy with my choices because Milly is my current designer crush. And I feel like I should apologise because the clothes aren't very affordable but I hope you'll enjoy them even if like me they are way out of your price range and I'll do my best to include less expensive options too! Because beautiful can be inexpensive, that's something I firmly believe.

First up we have an outfit with the Milly gold chain pencil skirt. I think this skirt would be perfect on Emma and Courtney very cleverly pointed out why - it's because the chain detail is like a cardi clip for a skirt!!! I like to think the designers had Emma in mind ;) I have awarded this skirt four bows - that's the rating system I'm using and needless to say more bows are better.

And since military is a big trend for a/w 2010 I'm hoping to see more military sweaters. This one is super affordable which is always nice.

While I do think Emma really needs to wear this pencil skirt, I might just be able to cope if she were to be seen wearing the Milly Marianna chain shift dress or Phoebe chain coat instead. Maybe. They both get three bows mainly because nothing is as perfect for Emma as a pencil skirt with its own sweater clip!

Emma in a selection of Milly clothing for a/w2010

The Milly Crosby check coat would be really sweet on Emma so I'm giving it three bows too. The Milly stripey sweater I'm giving four bows because it has stripes and a bow and comes in a lovely shade of grape that Emma wears oh so well. Plus the neckline is nice which all adds up to a sweater that Emma should absolutely get to wear. I hope the little Emma heads are extra persuasive, if say Lou Ehrich stumbled upon this - because how could you say no to Bambi? Impossible, I think.

Now I know Emma already has a lovely green coat but this Juicy Couture one would be perfect with its peter pan collar, cute buttons, belt, three quarter length bell sleeves and pretty frill. I think Emma could justify the purchase of such a coat because she looks gorgeous in green and good things happen when she wears green coats. I'm giving it four bows!

In the quirky print blouse category I'm nominating this red bird print blouse from Pepe. It gets four bows because Emma looks so good in red and it has a pussy bow, ruffles down the front and pretty puff sleeves. Paired with a pencil skirt it would make a perfect Emma outfit. And at £55 ($84) from asos.com I'm almost tempted to go out and buy it myself.

Along with the lovely Kate Spade bee cardi that has already been put forward as a must wear for Emma over on wwepw, I would like to suggest this bee print blouse also from Kate Spade which would look gorgeous with a navy and gold cardi/pencil skirt combo.  Bees + a double ruffle at the neckline =  four bows in my opinion!

And if Emma finds herself in need of a blue coat this season I would like to offer up this cornflower blue Tibi coat for her consideration. I'm giving it four bows because I love Emma in this colour especially when she wears it with yellow and I'm definitely hoping to see more blue and yellow outfits.

Here's a budget option from forever 21. For only $28 you can have this sweet blouse with contrasting peter pan collar and cap sleeves. Worn with a red pencil skirt and her red t-bars I think it would look very stylish on Emma.

I'm sure I'll need to make a part two to this post because there are so many fabulous Emma-esque clothes out there but in the meantime I think I'll leave you with a Rachel sweater. It would be perfect for her if she had $225 to spend on this Milly Sasha poodle sweater. The picture is a little small but we do get to see that they've styled it with Rachel F. Berry-esque yellow tights, proving just how well it would suit her! If you've read this far, thank you so much! I'd love to hear what you think about these choices and about any items of clothing you'd love to see Emma wear.


Melissa at Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Great post! Have fun bloggin' it up!

Tea said...

Thank you Melissa! I'm already liking this blogging thing :)

Courtney said...

Hey Tea - loving your blog! And I feel so special that I managed a cameo in the very first entry! Keep up the good work :-)

Tea said...

Thanks Courts! And you are special ;) I always appreciate your insightful comments

Jen516 said...

Great start -- looking forward to more!
I love everything about the "m is for military" look. And I super love that red Pepe blouse! I mean like SUPER love it!!

Tea said...

Thanks so much for your comment Jen!