Thursday, 8 September 2011

September Kate Spade Picks

My little blog had a birthday yesterday...and I didn't I just decided to celebrate it's one year and one week anniversary instead. Curious, perhaps, but it does allow me to do a whole week's posts in celebration. I'm thinking a series of posts on Emma's favourite designers? I haven't really decided but spontaneous is good. I mean I'd never have even started this blog if I hadn't written the first post on a whim one day while waiting for our boiler to be installed. Surprising really to think my blog owes its existence not to a love of clothes or shoes or jewellery but something far more mundane. And perhaps even more surprising to think that I'm still here blogging one year later.
Anyway I thought I'd start right back at the beginning, or at least with the basis of so many Emma outfits...Kate Spade.

Kate Spade color of September

I'm very happy with all the shades of ruby this month. I'm loving the bags adorned with giant bows and pretty buttons and the pink and red combos in particular. The bardot sweater dress and the ruffled antoinette dot top don't seem particularly Emma to me (the latter because of the neckline) but if Emma's trying new things who knows? But I could easily see Emma in the poppy tweed delphine skirt or the tweed malerie jacket. And I see every reason why Emma would want the cammie cardi in red as well as white...every reason being the super sweet bows at the cuffs and an insatiable love of cardigans.

Now I know there's inevitably a lot of speculation about season 3 but I like to think that I'm considering the most important of these questions. In season 3 will Emma get a new coat? And if so which coat will it be?

For this reason I've included cherie and patrice for consideration although I don't particularly see them having a place in Emma's wardrobe. But then I did say mona wasn't for Emma so....

Black and white with a pop of red

Confusingly there are quite a lot of black and white new arrivals in this month of ruby but I can forgive that since I adore black and white and it works so well with a pop of colour. My favourite pieces are the dotted did jacket and dotted delphine skirt. Both these pieces would work wonderfully well with Emma's existing wardrobe and easily deserve a place in her closet. I think she should have the bags too...because you can't have too many polka dotted bags with bows.

Emma does have quite a fondness for beaded sweaters so I can easily imagine her picking up the beaded darielle but magdalena and gail both seem more likely to end up on Miss Berry. If Emma doesn't think she already owns enough corsage adorned cardigans maybe she'd like to add rosie to their number and either the bow-cuffed matingale and pretty pink and red on the ave bracelet would add a pop of colour to an otherwise black and white outfit.

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