Saturday, 10 September 2011

Emma's summer wardrobe

I've long wondered what Emma wears at weekends and on her vacations. Away from McKinley does she still wear a pencil skirt? Or is her off-duty uniform strictly a-line? Maybe she even...could she, i really don't know if I should even say this, wear pants? Or oh my gosh in the heat of summer even venture out in shorts?

I suspect we might now have at least in part an answer to this question. In that I'm pretty sure sweet floral dresses feature in her free-time wardrobe...or at least on those occasions when she's on a date with Will and walking hand in hand with her sweetie to drop off new year school supplies at McKinley only to find herself subjected to a vicious dodgeball attack from one Sue Sylvester.

And that dress is undeniably super pretty but probably not so great for grocery shopping. And in a way that intrigues me even more because even if Emma does relax her strict sartorial regulations out of school hours, I can't believe any of her outfits are anything less than prim and pretty. I'd definitely like to see them.

So in the meantime I've been imagining. :)

Perhaps Emma has an out of school blue and yellow outfit?

Untitled #826

Or something pretty in pink? With plenty of bows and scalloped edging of course

Untitled #827

Maybe a navy and coral ensemble mixing polka dots and stripes?

Untitled #828

And of course I'm sure she has a summery taupe and coral combination

Untitled #829

Well, in all likelihood, lots of taupe and coral
A colour study in taupe and coral

All these outfits and I haven't even included any owls or ladybugs! Maybe Em has some ladybug print capris from J Crew tucked away in her closet... hmmm....

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