Friday, 9 September 2011

Emma & Sonia: why aren't they friends yet?

I could so easily have followed up my Emma & Kate post with a celebration of the beautiful friendship that is Emma & Milly and I very nearly did (okay and I probably will). But instead I'm going to go somewhere less obvious... although it seems like an obvious pairing to me. I mean Sonia Rykiel loves bows, and bows and stripes, bows and polka dots, prints and bows, nautical and did I mention the bows? Yes, Sonia loves everything Emma loves. I really can't imagine a more perfect match. Maybe Emma will read this and realise the potential here. I hope she does because there's lots.
Sonia Rykiel tops

I could add some words to this but really they'd just be along the lines of oooh pretty stripes...oh oh giant purple bow...gah heart print pussybow blouse be mine...stripes and polka dots i think I love you...and ruffles AND polka dots AND a leave me speechless....

So I won't I'm just going to let the pretty clothes and these outfits do the talking.

Emma in a Sonia Rykiel bow sweater

Emma goes nautical

Untitled #821

Untitled #822

Untitled #823

Untitled #824

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