Thursday, 22 September 2011

A late night purple piano project review

 *warning: this review may well cause offence if you're a die-hard Wemma shipper, can't bear to hear a critical word said about Glee or you know if you're Ryan Murphy. I only mention clothes once and it's in passing*

Well, I rewatched season 2 of Glee this week to celebrate its return although given how season 2 went even I thought that was a slightly strange way to mark the occasion. But it turns out that it was quite a fitting 'celebration' after all. If the first episode is anything to go by season 3 is going to make season 2 look really good.

I mean I knew consistent characterisation wasn't RIB's strong suit and perhaps the new writers haven't watched any of the previous episodes of Glee (I mean it's understandable if they skipped season 2 but surely they should have watched season one?) but I still thought perhaps they could come up with a slightly more convincing context for Emma's 'so this is what' line. I'm pretty damn sure that whoever wrote that hadn't seen oh, the kiss, say, or Acafellas, LAV, TTTM or probably any Wemma scene in fact.

And I know most Wemma shippers probably think we should just be happy that they are at long last a couple again but to be honest the Wemma in this episode left me pretty near speechless and not in a good way. One thing I really do want to say to Ryan Murphy though is this - 'I'm in a relationship and thinking of starting a family' that what you think character development is? Regardless of the fact that I'm wondering what Emma would have to say about that (something like "Ah, Will, I know I'm a little inexperienced and I may have a rather shaky grasp of what's actually involved here but I'm pretty sure we haven't yet managed to do the, ah, the, um, the necessary, ah, *waves hands* for that to happen") I want to say this - Ryan Murphy I thought you knew it was about the journey! Isn't that what you wrote in the season one finale which was, oh look yes, an episode of the same name?

I really feel that Ryan should have Miley Cyrus singing 'The Climb' right into his ear until he gets it. I think that would be  a punishment befitting them both.

If and when Miley is ever finished with that, it should be followed by a never ending chorus of 'You're never gonna get it' by En Vogue. Yes I'm referring to Ryan's chances of getting an Emmy for Glee.

Quite honestly all 'The purple piano project' made me want to do is this

1)find all Emma's nighties and buy them

2)berate Ryan Murphy for keeping from us all the development of Will and Emma's relationship and giving us no explanation for how they came to live together

In fact most of all what it made me want to write was this list:

All the Wemma Things Ryan Murphy Ever Stole From Us
  • the fake baby scene
  • a confrontation about the whole 'you're a slut' teachers' lounge conversation
  • (which would then lead to) a conversation about Shelby and April
  • a kiss under the miseltoe (it doesn't naturally follow I know but it mattered dammit)
  • Emma at sectionals
  • Emma at regionals
  • Emma at nationals
  • Emma and Will properly discussing what happened while 'rehearsing' *cough cough* for TTTM
  • Emma seeing Will for the first time after the drunk dial (i needed to hear that conversation)
  • Emma being jealous of Holly
  • Emma finding out Will had come home to Lima instead of staying in New York to star in Crossrhodes
  • the Pillsbury bang swoosh (okay not technically Wemma but it was there in the beginning and it should be there still and yes I am angry)
  • probably a thousand other feel free to add


Mackensie Perry said...

The PPP episode was simply AMAZING! i was so in love with it! I loved when Blaine finally transfered to WHS, and I love how Emma and Will have finally moved in together, and the fact that they pack each others lunch for each other makes me squel with happiness :D

Mackensie Perry said...

oh but i do understand what you mean when you say that Emma should have more convincing context to say, because when she said "so this is what..." it sort of caught me off guard, and i dont really feel like she would say that no matter how much she's changed. and her nightclothes were the cutet things ever! :D
sorry, had to throw that in XD

Tea said...

Ha ha, well that's okay. And you know I'm actually glad that so many people did really enjoy it because I would hate for all their effort making the show to go to waste or worse for the ratings to be so bad that it gets cancelled. It's just for me the development of Will and Emma's relationship doesn't feel very believable and I feel that everyone's been waiting so long for it that RIB had a sort of duty to make it really good. That being said I have been wanting to see them move in to together and scenes like the packed lunch one that we were given so I am pleased about that. And I don't mind in the least people having a different opinion :)

And yes the nightclothes were all super cute :D