Thursday, 29 November 2012

Back to school bows

I don't know if you can tell but I wrote this post a while ago. Never mind because with all the time Emma has off school the title seems just as appropriate*. Not that I think she's wrong to take time off work. There is a lot of shopping to be done, after all. In fact, I think it's the only way to explain her perfectly put together outfits. It's not really feasible to do that with a full time work schedule.

*Except for the fact that Emma doesn't seem to have worn a single bow tonight. Whatever. She should have.

Here goes with the bows!

My first choice is admittedly a little pricey but since Emma got tenure I'm imagining that came with a pay rise. And since the fictional Lima school district already paid well enough for Emma to buy RED Valentino I think she can now afford the big sister label and this wavy stripe and dot bow blouse would be a great first piece to start off her collection.

Valentino Ricamo-Weave Stripe and Dot Bow Blouse
Not that I'm suggesting RED Valentino pieces are not worth having. This dress is a must buy as far as I'm concerned.

RED Valentino Bow-print Faille Dress

Moving in to the more affordable realms for those with real paychecks I think this two tone blouse is lovely and could actually be worn in a real school too.
Whistles Gigi Crepe Blouse with Bow from ASOS
I always adore the combination of navy and white. Add a bow and you have something entirely irresistable to me. I think this crepe top by Whistles would look amazing on Emma.

Because you can't go wrong with a dress with a bow and the colour of this one is amazing, I think Emma should add this Nanette Lepore Waterfall Dress to her closet. It's on sale too!
Nanette Lepore Waterfall Dress
Talking of fabulous colours,  I came across Emma's Marc by Marc Jacobs bow skirt in pink. I definitely think it would be worth having in multiple colours.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Skirt
And I really like the purple of this Ralph Lauren Blue striped bow blouse.
Ralph Lauren Blue Striped Pussy Bow Blouse

 This bow back blouse comes in a great colour for autumn. (Ooops autumn has kind of passed! Oh well i still like it!).

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Barlow top in Henna
Now I love that Emma's been returning to her J.Crew roots and I think there can't be a better way to continue that than with their Giant Bow Sweater. Giant. I think she should have it in the black/cream for sure but probably the black/burgundy too. It's kind of perfect.
J.Crew Giant Bow Sweater $98

Finally Kate Spade is admittedly an obvious choice for Emma but I am hoping she'll wear the Kate Spade Jolie bow print skirt. I don't actually know how she hasn't already. Either the red or yellow colourway would be good, they're both lovely.

Kate Spade Jolie Bow Print Skirt $156

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