Saturday, 21 January 2012

Love and regrets

A new post is long overdue (well for my bank balance at least since there seems to be an inverse correlation between how much I blog and how much I spend) but since it's well into the new year I won't even pretend that I'm keeping my new year's resolution to blog more. And I won't tell you about my other resolutions. You know the usual - drink more water, never love again.

So I'll just say I'll do my best even if starts with this one little post sharing this one love (and regret). Now I love Milly, I love sundresses, I love Milly sundresses and I love sailboats so needless to say I love the Milly sailboats lily sundress.

Milly sailboats lily sundress
Now for the regret. It's sold out. And then I see that this one sold on ebay last week for a song *sigh*

Well, I guess I should just resolve to check my ebay updates regularly. Or perhaps not check them at all.

Still perhaps Rachel will add this to her collection of Milly dresses and wear it for me. I think it would be perfect for her new sophisticated vintage style and her undoubted enduring love of sailboats.


Unknown said...


I was about to post this dress to ebay and when looking for the stock photo I found you! I don't know how to contact you? I have this Milly Sailboat dress NWT in a size 4. If you are interested and have a way for me to contact you please leave it here. I will check back for a few days. Since you love the dress I thought you'd like first crack at it! :)


Tea said...

Oh that was just the nicest thing for you to do! Thank you! I'm just sorry I've been updating this blog so infrequently that I didn't see this til now!