Thursday, 17 May 2012

There are things I'd like to change

If I had just one wish for Emma I think I'd be really torn on how to use it. I mean on the one hand I think I'd wish for her to not be marrying a guy who she thought was a loser until he won a show choir championship. Okay there's actually a whole mess of things there I'd like to change, like the fact that I'm actually having trouble liking and respecting Emma right now. Let's not go there. But on the other hand I would still really really like for her to start a fashion blog. So she could share such things as...ooh, I don't know maybe her best dresses from this year's Met Gala!

Sure there were those two beautiful girls who look astonishingly similar to a couple of girls in the glee club but I think Emma would only have eyes for Christina Ricci's Thakoon dress and that giant bow.

The pretty guipure lace in black looked dramatic over the delicate peach underlayer and that's before you even look at the oversized ruffle at the bodice and the statement bow and train. A dress with a huge ruffle and one of the biggest bows I've ever seen was a winner for me and i'm goint to assert that it would be for Emma too. I could mention that this is actually a bandeau top and high-waisted lace skirt and that I could do without the exposed midriff, but I really don't want to fault it at all. And I love that this look is such a work of art that it even seems to have won over many a non-bow-lover too!


Sakura said...

Such a lovely dress! If Emma had a fashion blog, it would be the best thing in the world. This blog is pretty close though. :)

And I'm a bit sour about the way Emma acted in the last episode as well...

Tea said...

Aw thank you!!! That's so sweet of you!

And yes I've taken Emma's recent behaviour a little hard...I'm sure I'll get over it in least to a degree. Emma is very difficult not to forgive :)