Saturday, 11 February 2012

We need to talk

Until last Tuesday, Emma, I thought we needed to have a talk. It would have been a bit uncomfortable. I would have had to challenge your strong attachment to Kate Spade clothing and I know that would have been hard for you to hear. And it's not that the clothes aren't pretty. They're lovely, really they are. It's just that there are lots of lovely clothes out there and sometimes, just sometimes, they'll even be prettier but you won't see them if you don't look. And then you went and wore an amazing (probably vintage dress) and a skirt and blouse that don't seem to be from Kate Spade...okay the necklace was Kate Spade but still I was less worried.

Problem is I'm now a little worried about something else. You see I went and resurrected my little Wemma shipping heart to watch 'Yes/No' and it felt good, it did.

And then Will goes and acts like an ass and well I just don't feel the same. I know I'm probably interfering here, Em, and it may be that I don't know enough about this sort of thing but you see it seems to me that when a guy proposes and then the very next episode is a complete jerk to you and criticizes something so very central to who you are...well I think that's probably too soon in a marriage for him to be acting like that.

So now I'm thinking that maybe you're having the same problem with men, Em. And that you've fallen in love with the first Spanish teacher you see in front of you. You know one who can't even speak Spanish, or spell. Or, um, multiply. More importantly one who didn't recognize the genius of your pamphlets until someone else pointed it out to him.

I'm just going to ask you to think about this, okay? That there might be someone out there who is better suited to you. Just like you can find that prettier cardigan or dress or skirt. You know if you really look hard.

I'll illustrate this point with some clothes you may not have seen.
Nanette Lepore forever ruffle dress $198 (on sale!)
Oh Emma, look at the pleats and ruffles down the front of this dress. Look at the scalloped edging. Look at the colour! It's worth looking around isn't it?
DSquared2 bow-neck blouse $345
I know ignore the icky logo (maybe put a brooch over it) because regardless this is a fabulous bow blouse with a tiny check print and a gorgeous lavender colour.
Nanette Lepore young lover cardigan
Tory Burch silk pussy bow blouse $235 
 I know it has frayed edges but I think you'll agree the look is pretty rather than messy. And it's good to be open-minded. That's the message here.

Please don't think that because I've included some Nanette Lepore and Tory Burch that there is any message about reconsidering the men from your past, Emma, they really weren't good enough for you either.


Danielle said...

Love! I miss the days when Emma wore more than one designer almost exclusively. Ah, remember the days when she wore Milly, Nanette Lepore, DVF, Alice & Olivia, and so many more... *sniff*

Tea said...

I know, I know, I miss those days too! I want her to mix it up and keep us guessing! At least she has added a couple new designers to her almost exclusively Kate Spade wardrobe this season. I approve of Emma adding in some vintage but as much as I LOVE the almost certainly vintage dress, I can't take too much because somehow as unattainable as a Moschino C&C cardi might be I feel like it's all possible because there's more than one out there. A girl can dream, right? For that dress though I'm prepared to take sewing classes :)