Tuesday, 14 February 2012

An Anthropologie Review

It's really been the longest time since I checked out the Anthro offerings for Emma and the consequences of that are well I might not recognise the next Anthro sweater or blouse Emma wears. I know. Just terrible.

Okay, perhaps that's not so bad. But I do think it's really important that we lay claim to some pieces on Emma's behalf  because otherwise Quinn and Rachel will probably steal them.

So sweater-wise I'm liking the ruffled horizons pullover for Emma since I'm a fan of stripes and ruffles and the red and navy colour combination. I think she might like the ribboned rocket and highlighted frequencies cardis too.

Ruffled horizons pullover $88, ribboned rocket cardigan $128, highlighted frequencies cardigan $118
For blouses the new mixed print version of the wrap around blouse is perfect for her
wrap around blouse $98
Of course the ping-pong tank would be fun and the entwined dots blouse is pretty. And I love the embroidery on the crisp white vandermeer blouse.
Vandermeer blouse $118
Most of the dresses at Anthro right now seem to be for Quinn and Rachel but I think Emma might like the watercolor gems shift, conspicuous shells dress and the goji (blast!) plaid dress - although with that she might need a cardi because of the cut-out back, hopefully cropped to show off the lovely bow.
Watercolor gems shift dress $168, conspicuous shells dress $188 and goji plaid dress $89.95
With skirts Emma needs to be really careful these days that Quinn won't steal them before she has a chance to wear them (I mean she's already done that with the nubby stripes skirt, which by the way is on sale, as well as of course the lovely Trina Turk skirt that rightfully should have been Emma's).

So here are all the skirts I'd like to see Emma wear.

I love the inked flora skirt in both colours, although I possibly favour the definition of the grey the sunny yellow is so pretty for spring. I think Emma should have both.
Inked flora skirt $118
I also think she'd like the print of the zagged stripes, the coloured feathers of the yarn plumes skirt and possibly the appliqued pleats of the hatch mark skirt but she'll have to fight Quinn for all of them.

Zagged stripes skirt $98, yarn plumes skirt $118 and hatch mark skirt $148
I absolutely adore the paused movements skirt though. I can see Emma wearing this in so many great colourful cardi combinations.
Paused movements skirt $128
In fact, wait just a minute while I polyvore a few looks, I think it would be great to pick out those colours in a statement necklace or of course a bow blouse.
Now that Emma's experimanting with peplums she might like the Plenty by Tracy Reese broken levels skirt. And she'd surely like the more classic but nonetheless lovely Tracy Reese celeste striped pencil skirt in such a pretty shade of cornflower blue and be delighted by the dramatic embroidery of Leifsdottir stoke's aster skirt.
Broken levels skirt $138, celeste striped pencil skirt $98  and stoke's aster skirt $288
Then there's the cast chroma skirt, the Maeve paned & pocketed a-line and the bird's of paradise skirt (which should be safe from Quinn I think although the other two wouldn't be).
Cast chroma skirt $158, paned & pocketed a-line $178 and bird's of paradise skirt $128
There really are quite a few skirts for Quinn to keep her grabby little hands off though. Here are two more I think might be in danger!
Kudzu skirt $148 and hanging wisteria skirt $178
And here are some that although pretty and on sale that I think Emma would be happy to scarfifice in order to appease her - the Moulinette Souers beaufort gale skirt, the buttered tweed skirt and the inlaid sweater skirt.
Beaufort gale skirt $129.95, buttered tweed skirt $69.95 and inlaid sweater skirt $49.95
Okay that's it for now. Quinn's and Rachel's dresses need a post of their own.

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