Monday, 10 October 2011

At home with Emma (and Will*)

*though he's really not so important to me in this whole little scenario to be quite honest

I've been so looking forward to seeing Emma at home...her home, Will's home, it really didn't matter to me. Her Anthro apron provided a tantalising glimpse in 'A Night of Neglect' but it's been a delight to see her in her vintage nighties and in the kitchen making breakfast and preparing packed lunches. But at the same time I'd like to have seen more Emma around the place. Apart from the teapot napkin holder, which I don't remember from Terri's time there, and a couple of bird prints, which could well be Emma's, I don't see much sign of her yet. I think she really needs to make her mark on the know to make it her own, rather than the place that Will and Terri shared (and you know made a fake baby in).

So in case she needs some help I've picked out some homewares that I think would appeal to her. And for the rest of us I think it's the perfect way to get more Emma in our lives, and who doesn't need that with a four week hiatus to get through?

At home with Will and Emma

Okay first off we have my choices from the ever tempting Modcloth. I think Emma would like the bird and squirrel wall hooks for keeping things tidy and a decorative doormat to keep the dirt at bay. The pear print is adorable and who could resist the owl lamp? Not Emma surely. I personally wouldn't be able to resist the doe-eyed creature comfy pillow. And how wonderful would the 'Go brush your tree-th' toothbrush holder be? Um, if we didn't all have electric toothbrushes.

Baking with Emma

Of course Modcloth have pretty aprons too. And, yes, there are a lot of aprons in this post but I like them and you need a lot of aprons when you've got that much Kate Spade to protect and bacon to iron. My choice for Emma might just be the 'To the houndstooth' apron for its touches of coral though really I'm loathe to choose. I love the corsage adorned 'garden gourmet' apron because if cardis can have corsages why shouldn't aprons get them too? I really like the mustard trim on the 'potluck of awesomeness' apron and of course the owl print of 'cooking owl day'. And I really want the nest of nectar sugar dish, and I can't choose between the 'seasoned with sweetness' shaker set, the 'plenty of spice to share' birdhouses or the little owl 'taste buds'.

Ruche have some lovely things too. My favourites are (of course the aprons), the throw cushions that look like they were inspired by an Anthro cardi and without a doubt the 'owls of wisdom' bookends.

At home with Will and Emma

Um and more aprons...also another shaker set. But these ones make a vintage telephone. A pretty mug because you can certainly never have enough of those.
gardenia floral print apron $28.99, look who's calling salt and pepper shakers $17.99, perrenial peony coffee mug $12.99

And oh look another apron. But this one, I have to buy Emma would have to buy. I think it might be apron has a ruffled collar *sigh*.
kensington gardens apron $38.99, raleigh gray flower throw pillow $24.99, chilton garden blue hammer tool set by William Morris $14.99

The hammer is there because every girl needs her own tools and she should know how to use them. So they might as well be pretty.

Finally, I think we all know Emma will eventually be furnishing her home from Anthropologie. So maybe she's just taking her time to think it through carefully and make the right decorating choices, or save up enough from the pittance leftover from her wardrobe allowance. But I have a limitless virtual budget so I've just rushed in and chosen the first things that caught my eye. The total came to just shy of $13,000 but it's easy to get there when you're spending $1500 on a bureau and $1000 on a light fitting. Oh and $5600 on a bed. Still the bedlinen is only $48. I think that's a bargain. I was going to add more light fittings and mirrors but I thought that would take me outside my fictional limitless budget. Yes, I can't explain the logic of that either. But I wanted enough left over to buy them the $698 rustic romp taper holder, you know, for atmospheric lighting. Although in retrospect I think $700 for a candelabra might not be money well spent and also it might be slightly disturbing.

At home with Will and Emma

Okay Emma also needs this for school. And it's only $16. Although she'd want to move it out of the way when Coach Beiste puts her feet on the desk. It's too pretty to get broken.
sleepy hollow pencil cup $16 from Anthropologie

And perhaps there'd be enough money left to buy one of these wise owl cookie jars for Will.

L to R:winking wisecracker jar $68, wise ol' cookie jar (orange) $128, wise ol' cookie jar (grey) $98

And some more aprons for Emma ;) Plus the ruffled mini bakers because what could be better than ruffled edged baking dishes for two in pretty colours? And another divine storage cannister with the most delicate floral design.
Baking with Emma (again)

And yes, in all this it is possible I'm projecting. Quite possible.

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