Sunday, 16 October 2011

Uniform shopping at J Crew

Sometimes I think there's nothing like a school uniform. More precisely there's nothing like a school uniform list (for me at least). Because honestly if there's ever a piece of paper that could make me happier I'd like to see it (because it would need to be a winning lottery ticket).

And as daring and as bold as Emma can be at times, she does have a bit of a uniform - pencil skirts, pretty blouses and cardigans. And there's nothing wrong with that, nothing at all. I think lots of people develop a uniform of their own when they have a strong sense of personal style. And there are surely advantages. Like feeling no need to follow a fashion simply because you read in a magazine that a look is so this season. And I don't think Emma is swayed by trends. I don't think for one minute that she'll be considering the fetish look (sorry Will I just don't think she'll go there no matter how much you might want her to).

Shopping with Emma at J Crew

And if Emma has a school uniform then her outfitters of choice is surely J Crew. I like to imagine her going off on a shopping trip at the start of each season armed with a long list of Jackie cardigans and no 2. pencil skirts followed by their J Crew colour and interspersed with proper school uniform list phrases such as 'at least one of the following' and 'to be worn with'.

Shopping with Emma at J Crew

So I'm pleased to see that Emma has indeed stocked up on some new basics in this seasons colours but there are one or two other pieces that may have caught her eye.

I definitely think she'd try on her staple no 2 pencil skirt in the purple paisley print (though I can't see her wearing it with the matching blouse).

Emma wears the Suzette blouse

I love the idea of Emma wearing the Suzette blouse and I think the nightfall floral print would be perfect on her.

And since Emma has a certain fondness for sweater vests, I'd love to see her in this pleated one with a bow seen at the fall 2011 J Crew fashion show - though preferably in a bold colour.

Speaking of bold colours, I think the keynote dress in super 120s would look amazing on Emma in the deep lagoon.

I'm liking the postage stamp (not so) mini and fanfare jacket in peacock tweed too.

And though I'd like to see more colour again, I do like the overtime necktie top in bird's-eye tweed.
Shopping with Emma at J Crew

I think Emma could well have picked up some of the colourful patterned enamel bangles to accessorize with and perhaps some new shoes.

And while I'm pleased to see that J Crew have some shoes that would please Emma and the viv pump is pretty, they don't really compare with the perfection that is the PMJ. I do wish that in true outfitters tradition they had continued making a style that passes the test of time and simply introduced more colourways. If they had I'm sure Emma would have been adding more PMJs to her wardrobe with each new season.


Kristen said...

This blog is absolutely incredible. Finally someone else understands my obsession with Emma Pillsbury's clothes. :')

Tea said...

You are too sweet! And I do. I really do understand that :)