Sunday, 7 August 2011

An Anthropologie Review

I haven't been posting much recently and I don't really know why... other than that I gets lots of ideas, start them but don't finish them and move on to the next thing. But really there is no reason. I mean fashion doesn't take a vacation so why should I? Although if it did, I'm thinking it wouldn't be a beach holiday. More likely a city break in Milan or Paris.

But anyway I think it's about time I got back to blogging so here's a quick look at Anthro with Emma in mind. Hopefully this will serve a few purposes

1) when (fingers crossed) set pics start appearing in a few days I'll be able to pick out the Anthro items that much faster
2) it focuses my attention on Emma pieces which I can then go try on (though in all likelihood not buy since Anthro clothes just don't seem to suit's just one of those strange things)
3) since nearly everyone in the cast (by which I mean Quinn, Rachel, Brittany and even Tina...and mainly Quinn) is wearing Anthro, it makes it even more important to lay claim to some pieces for Emma

Starting with tops, here are my top contenders for Emma to wear (assuming she hasn't undergone any extreme style transformations over the summer)
Anthro tops for Emma

Top row (LtoR):
the lemon liftoff blouse surely has a good chance of being worn by Emma, I mean it's yellow and an owl print. I hope she wears it.
the dots within blouse is lovely but probably far too close to her precious particulars blouse to be added to her closet...though who knows
the delicate butterfly print chiffon wingfall blouse by Anna Sui is pretty and I like the colours but overall it doesn't feel right for Emma

Middle row (LtoR):
Staring at the Sky blouse - lovely shades of blue and a rather impressionistic tree print from Anna Sui, plus a ruffle, of course. Could well be a winner.
Wrap around blouse - ooh stripes and a bow! I like this a lot and I want it in my wardrobe even if Emma doesn't.
All Aflutter Blouse - sunny yellow? colour tipped ruffled sleeves? pleats? Tick, tick and tick. I think Emma would love this. The blue/green combo would work well too.

Bottom row (LtoR):
Loosened Shelby blouse - I still maintain Emma wouldn't like the name but she might forgive this top that one flaw for it's otherwise perfect and inspired combination of polka dots and a floral print, blue and yellow, plus a bow and a ruffled neckline and sleeves. That makes up for a lot. The bird print version is pretty too.
Ryuku Blouse: a simple shape and dramatic print but is that enough to earn a place in Emma's wardrobe?
Quilted Eclipse Blouse - the coral colour gets this top some points but the quilting surely takes it over into grandmother territory. For me at least it looks far too similar to a bed jacket just bought for my grandmother but then do you remember the crewelwork cardi? Unfortunately I think we all do.

I think there are only a few dress options for Emma
The Across the Lands dress bears some resemblance to Emma's take action dress but like her I favour polka dots over plaid.
Drafting Shift - very mod, I love the crisp shapes and Emma could probably wear her dried parsley Jackie with it but would she want another version of her Pom Flower Shift dress?

And similarly does she love her Take Action dress enough to get this yellow squiggly (maybe rope?) print version?
The pleats and buttons are very cute though.
If it weren't for the colour I think Emma would no doubt agree that this is the Quinntessential Shift. I just adore the extravagant bow. Bring it out in red or yellow, coral, aqua, jade...any colour really and I think we'd see it on Emma

Now for skirts. Which Anthro skirts would Emma need in her wardrobe?
( I use the term 'need' loosely. Very loosely.)
Anthro skirts for Emma

Top row (LtoR):
Piped Sailor Skirt - I love the idea of this skirt, the bright orange colour, the taping, the buttons, the a-line shape but I don't think Emma would be happy with the loose thread problem mentioned in reviews :(
Nyanza skirt - blue and white and a pretty print. I like.
Majestic Medallions Skirt - pretty colours but in danger of being more tablecloth than skirt. I don't think this would fit Emma's usual look.

Middle row (LtoR):
Acropora pencil skirt - I do think Emma would like the colours of this Tracy Reese skirt but would she like the print?
Bosky Lace Skirt - great colour, lace that's pretty and demure, I think this could work
Pitter-Patter Skirt -  pleats and watercolour stripes, I think this has some Emma appeal

Bottom row (LtoR):
Square Study Skirt - it's like squares do polka dots and it's monochromatic. I think this would make a great Emma skirt
Shirr and Pleat Pencil Skirt - pretty pleats and a subtle print, I think Emma could make this work, you know with the right brooch and cardi combo
Liquid Acres Skirt - an interesting combinations of colours in a painterly print and Emma could wear it with her olive cardi from Showmance. I think this has very good Emma potential.

And one more skirt because it didn't fit
The Peppering Skirt has polka dots and rather flamboyant florals. I do think Emma would like it.

Finally, shoes...yeah I don't think I want to go there. Quinn can keep all the Anthro shoes for now. I'm pretty sure Emma would be okay about that.

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