Friday, 29 April 2011

Emma's royal wedding dreams

Even if we didn't know that Emma had harboured the childhood ambition of wearing Diana's wedding dress, I feel certain she'd be watching the royal wedding for a number of reasons : there are lots of brooches and if you're not wearing a brooch you're probably wearing a medal (and they really are a lot like brooches) and of course I think she'd like the fairy tale romance of it all - the toy soldiers and the carriages in particular since everything's polished to a high shine.

Also there was a lot of gold braid and I think she'd like that. I do think there might have been a moment when she saw the braid on Harry's jacket when she may have thought about trading up the embellishment on her Sousa Regalia cardi - before she remembered that it was perfect as is.

I think it may also have occurred to her that it's rather wonderful to be the Queen, well for a variety of reasons but I think that what would most appeal to Emma (and to me) is that every time you go anywhere everything gets a lovely fresh coat of paint, they plant flowers, and tidy, clean and polish to perfection. I like the idea of only ever seeing a perfectly neat, sanitised and orderly version of the world and I'm pretty sure Emma would too. Oh, yes, also no one is allowed to touch you without getting permission first. That would come in handy.

Do I think Emma should wear Kate's dress for her next wedding (when she marries Will)? Well it's a lot more practical than Di's but I still think she should go for J. Crew again. In fact I like to think she might choose the J. Crew penelope gown. I think that would be rather special.

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