Friday, 1 July 2011

Emmafying Season 2

There was a lot wrong with season two of Glee. A lot.

But my biggest complaint of all has to be the lack of Emma and in that respect
the season clearly set off on the wrong foot with an Emma-less episode. And at no point in Audition was I more annoyed than during Rachel and Sunshine's version of Telephone.

It just seemed so unfair. Emma loves telephones. She could have accessorized with her telephone brooch. What were RIB thinking?

Anyway it seems to me that this scene is perfect for inserting Emma and Rachel's H&M polka dot tee and ultra mini can be easily replaced with a dotty pussybow blouse and a longer length skirt. Add some telephone accessories and Emma would have been set for her season debut.
Emmafying telephone

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